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Living The Springpoint Experience Every Day

At Springpoint, we are committed to working together towards our vision of empowering those we serve and those who serve them to experience the best that life has to offer. Each Springpoint program and initiative supports that vision and strives to make it a reality throughout all Springpoint communities.

The key to delivering excellent service begins and ends with a great employee experience. With that in mind, in 2019, we launched the Springpoint Experience, aiming to establish service standards and behaviors ingrained in our culture. Embedding this framework in our culture ensures that it will always be valued and practiced in our communities regardless of internal or external changes.

We strive to create a workplace with the right conditions so each employee can give their best every day, be committed to the goals and values of Springpoint, and be motivated to contribute to our success with a sense of pride in what we do. This initiative goes beyond being a mere checkbox or a catchy cliché; it’s a commitment to making exemplary service the norm in our communities. 

Through the Springpoint Experience, we have developed a dynamic framework promoting quality and consistent service across the organization. It is more than a training program – it is a guide for cultivating a culture anchored in a common purpose, quality standards, and clear behavior guidelines at all levels of our organization. Whether starting their first day or celebrating their 35th anniversary, our employees undergo ongoing training in communicating and embodying the Springpoint Experience.

The Springpoint Experience is strongly driven by employee ideas and participation. We started this journey with employee surveys and onsite visits with team members throughout the organization. Through their feedback, we identified the core standards for the initiative and how they would be implemented in our communities. As the Springpoint Experience evolved, employees from diverse departments and experience levels collaborated to define these core standards. This collaborative approach is key to the program’s success.

The implementation of Employee Care and Recognition programs reflects the Springpoint Experience framework and its impact on our communities. Recipients of the Springpoint Spirit Award, 
Dream Team AwardSpringpoint Excellence Award, and President’s Award exhibit a strong commitment to our Common Purpose: together, we enrich and inspire those we serve by creating exceptional experiences.

We take great pride in what we have accomplished together – creating an outstanding legacy and unbreakable bonds with the seniors and families we serve – but we know it does not end there. The Springpoint Experience will continue to grow and evolve because it is not just a destination – it is a journey.


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