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Enhancing Physical, Intellectual, and Social Experiences Through LivWell Support Programs.

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LivWell is a whole-wellness program that enables each resident to engage in a high quality of life and continue in their lifelong development. Residents will enhance their lives while catering to the 7 dimensions of wellness.

Physical Wellness
It can prevent or limit the effects of chronic illness

Social Wellness
Nurturing meaningful connections and effective communications with family, friends, and neighbors

Intellectual Wellness
Achieved through activity engaging in creative and stimulating mental activity

Spiritual Wellness
A journey toward our own sense of purpose

Emotional Wellness
The ability to manage a variety of emotions and cope with stress in a positive and healthy way

Vocational Wellness
Participating in activities that highlight one’s unique gifts, skills, and talents

Environmental Wellness
Ability to exist in a place that offers safety, security, and enhances personal well-being

Supporting Programs That Benefit Residents.

We understand there are many factors that contribute to the health and happiness of an individual. The Foundation will continue to support programs that benefit residents and enrich their lives. We believe having a physical, intellectual, and social balance in your life is one of the steps to feeling fulfilled. Learn More.
Charitable support from our donors is a key reason the LivWell program will continue to be offered in each of the Springpoint Life Plan Communities. The Foundation is excited for the potential opportunity to expand the LivWell programming in the Affordable housing communities. Each resident should have the opportunity to experience the best that life has to offer.

The success of the Foundation is due to the kindness and generosity of our donors. Help improve the quality of life for some of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents—donate today!

Learn more about the LivWell Senior Wellness Program.

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