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Senior Care Management by Springpoint at Home

Discover the difference that one of our knowledgeable Care Managers can make in the care and comfort of someone you love.
Our Care Managers:

  • Arrange and coordinate services.
  • Assist with government programs when necessary.
  • Accompany clients to doctors’ appointments.
  • Facilitate hospitalizations.
  • Provide medical referrals to specialists in geriatric care.
  • Provide legal referrals to professionals in estate planning, advance directives, and powers of attorney.
  • Help with decisions related to where to live, optimizing social benefits, safety and security, and planning for level of care changes.
  • Arrange day programs and respite care to support the primary care giver’s need to attend to his or her own health, career, or personal concerns.

One of our clients told us, “It’s like having a healthcare professional in the family!”

Unlike other care management organizations, Springpoint at Home Care Managers are all trained and licensed social workers. We believe that this level of expertise is necessary to best plan and coordinate the care of your loved one. Their years of geriatric care experience and specialized training inform the plan of care. They stay in regular contact with family members — near and far — providing updates and recommendations as necessary.

You’ll find that Springpoint at Home Care Managers are as resourceful and creative as they are experienced and knowledgeable. Would you like to have your questions answered in person? Schedule a consultation today by calling us at 844-724-1777 or visit our website.

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