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Mental Stimulation Through Engaging Activities

Senior woman reading a book.

One of the greatest aspects of living in a Life Plan community (CCRC) is the opportunity to get involved. Residents of Springpoint communities sing the praises of not only the sheer number of activities to get involved in, but also the wide variety of offerings. Brigitte Wachs, a Meadow Lakes resident, shares, “Residents have so many activities it’s sometimes hard to decide what to do.”

Days are spent filled with meaningful activities, some of which are even beneficial to your health. Research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not.

A healthy, active brain leads to a more engaged and fulfilling life. That’s why including healthy brain activities in our offerings to help you achieve maximum wellness is a goal at Springpoint. This post explores some of our favorite things to do in our communities to keep your mind sharp.

Healthy Brain Activities at Your Life Plan Community

  • Volunteer Your Time and Talents: Whatever it may be – mentoring, organizing or simply giving up your time for the betterment of someone or something else – take time to volunteer and give to others. No matter your interests or abilities, there is an opportunity for you to engage in volunteerism. Especially through the Springpoint Foundation, which provides important programs and services to fellow residents.
  • Engage Yourself in Continuing Education: Constantly seeking new information, no matter what the subject matter may be, is vital to a stimulated and active mind. In our communities, there are always ways for you to learn new things. From guest lecture series to partnerships with local colleges and discussion groups, continuous learning is highly encouraged.
  • Showcase Your Creativity: Activities that focus on hand-eye coordination and creativity help exercise your mind. And, along with feeling proud of learning something new, expanding your talents engages your brain by improving memory and cognitive function. Springpoint residents love artistic ventures, from painting and drawing classes, woodworking, stained glass and more.
  • Immerse Yourself in a Good Book: There’s nothing quite like diving into a different world through a story. But, the benefits of reading go beyond entertainment, as reading is proven to stimulate your brain and keep your mind sharp. Our community libraries are home to many newspapers and books just awaiting your curious mind.
  • Enhance Your Relationships: Simply spending time with friends benefits your mental health, so much so that it’s been found that positive relationships can help protect against memory loss. At Springpoint, neighbors become as close as family. Through mutual interests and activities, you’re able to truly connect to others in the community. Socialization and connectedness are at the forefront of every offering.

Keep Your Brain Healthy by Getting Involved at a Springpoint Community

At Springpoint, we’re focused on helping you live the happiest, healthiest life you possibly can – and that includes ensuring a healthy mind by offering engaging, intellectual activities. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour at one of our Life Plan communities.

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