Our History and Mission

Our Core Principles

At Springpoint Senior Living, we take pride in our past and hold great anticipation for the future. While our organization has grown over the past century, our vision, mission and values have never varied.

Our Mission

To inspire our family with endless opportunities.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider, offering exceptional services and innovative programs that empower those we serve and those who serve them to experience the best that life has to offer.

Our Values

Respect: We recognize the value and dignity of every person.
Commitment: We are accountable to the greater community.
Compassion: We seek to understand and empathize with others.
Service: We strive to exceed expectations.
Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in all that we do.
Integrity: We are honest, responsible and ethical.
Innovation: We aim to continuously improve our services and organization.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Springpoint remains steadfast and committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of community life at our CCRC campuses and Affordable Housing communities

Differences among people shall have no bearing in the delivery or receiving of care within Springpoint communities

Inclusion enables Springpoint to strive to have all people represented and included solely based on their abilities, unique qualities and perspectives

The focus of diversity and inclusion is to create a culture that encourages all residents and employees to be successful, regardless of their differences

Our Mission is Our History and Our Future

You can build your future on a past of solid accomplishment. Our mission began in 1916, when a group of Presbyterian ministers joined together to create housing and services for elders. They founded Presbyterian Homes of New Jersey, a nonprofit organization based on the values instilled by faith.

Their idea grew with the 20th century, expanding to new affordable housing and senior living communities across the state. In 2007, the organization decided to go beyond its Presbyterian affiliation. In 2010, we took on a new name that would embrace people of all backgrounds and convey our forward-looking spirit: Springpoint Senior Living. We asked our residents about the change. They told us “Springpoint” conveyed “energy,” “spirit” and “moving forward.”

Today, Springpoint stands for stability, security and new ideas. Our communities meet the highest national standards for quality of life and care. As the aging population grows and the world of healthcare and financial management becomes more complex, we stay ahead of the curve with an expert strategic planning team.

Springpoint serves more than 4,000 residents in eight continuing care retirement communities and 19 affordable housing communities, statewide. The good works of our Foundation reach out to thousands of people each year.

We believe in making a difference by making progress: in new options for living, for healthcare, for financial security and for personal enrichment.

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