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Springpoint Strong Fund Available for Eligible Team Members in Need

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In 2023, the Springpoint Foundation introduced the Springpoint Strong Fund to help assist eligible employees facing financial hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances. Since its inception, the committee has approved 8 grants for a total funding of over $31,100 through the Springpoint Strong Fund.

The Foundation’s mission is to inspire generosity in support of programs that make a difference in peoples’ lives and to enrich the communities where they live. The Strong Fund was designed to support team members when they need it most. Employees impacted by such unforeseen circumstances, such as serious illness or a natural disaster, can apply to the Springpoint Strong Fund to help ease their financial burdens through a grant, with no payback expectations.

Team members are eligible for the program if they have been employed by Springpoint for at least six months and work at least 20 hours per week. Only certain criteria and situations qualify. Once an application is submitted, the Springpoint Strong Fund committee will review and determine if the individual is approved to receive financial assistance for those unexpected hardships.

Springpoint recognizes that employees work tirelessly day and night to ensure the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of all residents, and we want to provide any assistance necessary during times of personal struggle. Team members can view the list of eligibility requirements and restrictions here. The application is also available on the Springpoint website. For more information, please visit

We encourage eligible team members to take advantage of the support and resources available to them, and to contact their human resources representative with any further questions.

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