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Must-Have Smart Home Tech Options for Seniors

A smart home wall panel screen

When the first programmable thermostats and timer-operated lamps appeared on the market, few could imagine how far technology would evolve in such a short time. Now, smart-home technology makes it possible to control features throughout your home for entertainment, convenience, safety, and more.


Why Smart Technology Is a Smart Choice for Seniors

In many ways, smart-home technology can be especially beneficial for seniors because it provides a greater level of connectivity, which translates into greater safety and independence. Fall sensors and voice-activated speakers allow for immediate notification in an emergency, while devices like smart locks allow seniors with limited mobility to control who enters their home without traveling to the door.

Meanwhile, other smart-home technology can provide reminders that help seniors maintain important routines, like taking medications on time, or eliminate the need to manipulate buttons or controls.

Far from a luxury or simple convenience, smart-home technology offers many advantages that improve seniors’ quality of life.


Smart Picks for Smart Tech at Home

From basics like lightbulbs to more sophisticated systems, here are some of most useful applications of smart-home technology for seniors:


Medical Alerts

Emergency alert devices are increasingly sophisticated. Some require a button touch, but others operate on a sensor that recognizes an emergency such as a fall and immediately connects you with a caregiver or emergency assistance.


Smart Bulbs

These bulbs look quite a bit like standard lightbulbs and fit nearly all standard lamps. When you install the corresponding app on your smartphone, you can control everything from the brightness to the time they turn on and off.


Sensor Lighting

When you wake in the night and need to visit the restroom, you don’t always have time to fumble for a light switch. Using lights with sensors in the hall and bathroom will turn those lights on when you need them. Sensor lights are also helpful in entryways where you may have your hands full and not be able to easily turn on lights as you enter the house. An added bonus: Since they’re only on when they’re in use, you’ll avoid wasting energy, too.


Smart Locks

When you’re expecting a guest but can’t make it to the door, a smart lock will allow you to give that person access and then lock the door behind them. Smart locks are also handy if you prefer not to carry a bulky key ring or want to double-check whether you remembered to lock the door after you leave (if not, you’ll probably be able to lock it remotely!).


Smart Hub

A smart hub is essentially a centralized control for multiple devices. You may have heard of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, which are two of the better-known options. A hub allows you to synchronize different devices or simply have a single point of control for all the different smart brands and devices you might use throughout your home.


Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, which often function as their own smart hubs, provide an easy way to add voice control to smart devices like lightbulbs, plugs, or appliances with hard-to-manage buttons. The speakers can also serve as virtual alarm clocks, providing reminders for special dates or nudges to take medications on schedule. Some smart speakers have calling capabilities for hands-free communication with loved ones, and you can likely access a broad library of audio content like music and audiobooks.


Smart Ways of Putting Technology to Work

In addition to incorporating smart-home technology into their senior apartments, cottages, or villas throughout our eight Life Plan Communities, Springpoint residents rely on technology to stay connected. Using a smartphone, Alexa device, or smart TV, residents can learn about daily activities, find neighbors who share their interests, and more using Touchtown, our innovative resident engagement technology.

Learn more about this and other ways we strive to provide residents a fulfilling, engaged lifestyle by scheduling a tour at one of our independent living communities.


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