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How Do Older Adults Benefit from Technology?

Senior couple using a tablet.

Technology has greatly advanced, especially over the last few years. And, as a result, older adults are more digitally connected than ever. The Pew Research Center finds that 67% of adults ages 65 and older say they go online and four in 10 seniors now own smartphones.

The use of technology can be beneficial to seniors and their wellbeing. From safety to socialization opportunities, apps and devices offer additional tools that can influence their lives for the better. Keep reading to learn a few benefits of technology for seniors.

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

Technology offers seniors…

Mental Stimulation: While we don’t encourage spending too much time scrolling through social media platforms or watching reality T.V., there are plenty of ways to leverage technology to give your brain a workout. Games that increase mental stimulation, like Tetris and Trivial Pursuit, can be downloaded and played on electronic devices. Plus, the world wide web is a treasure trove of information – all you have to do is type into a search engine and learn anything you could want to know about a variety of topics (keeping in mind, of course, to focus on reliable sources – don’t believe everything you read online).

Safety: One life-changing use of technology is safety. Advancements like security devices and personal monitoring devices give you peace of mind and knowledge that your safety is a priority. Plus, having a cell phone allows you to call for help with the push of a button should something happen that threatens your safety.

Easy-to-Access Healthcare: The majority of healthcare providers now offer an online portal for patients to easily access medical information. You’re able to keep track of appointments, retrieve your electronic medical records and even sometimes send chats and messages to your doctor. Using technology to leverage your medical literacy is extremely beneficial to your health, as it increases transparency and knowledge.

Social Connection: Perhaps the greatest benefit of technology for seniors is the increased opportunity to stay social. While schedules may be busy, it’s much easier to stay connected to loved ones through texts, phone calls and even video chats. Video chats are the next best thing to face-to-face communication since it offers you the chance to not only talk to friends and family but to also see their faces.

Experience an Engaging Lifestyle at Springpoint

Springpoint communities take advantage of technology to help our residents live a more fulfilled, engaging lifestyle. One way we do this is by offering Touchtown, our resident engagement technology, at each of our eight Life Plan communities. This innovative programming allows all residents to stay connected to daily activities and announcements through T.V.s in each room, an app on their phone or even using an Alexa device. Resident engagement has grown simply through communication through technology.

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