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The Best Apps to Keep Seniors Sharp

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If you’ve ever felt baffled by what captivates younger generations to stare at small screens on their handheld devices for hours on end, you may be surprised to learn there are some apps that are actually quite useful for seniors.

You may never have quite the same fascination as the youngsters in your life, but with these top apps for seniors, you could find some new ways to manage everyday tasks, have a little fun, and even boost your brain health.

Smart devices and tablets are easy ways to access apps designed specifically for seniors, and technology is easier than ever to navigate. That means you don’t have to be a computer whiz to take advantage of the apps that challenge your brain and keep you sharp. In fact, these top apps for seniors prove there are many ways seniors and technology are a winning combination.


Your eyes may not work as well as they used to, but that’s no reason to give up your love of literature or let that intellectual stimulation slide. Audiobooks allow you to hear the story unfold, rather than reading it for yourself. It’s a great solution for seniors with diminishing vision, or those who simply enjoy having their hands free for other activities while they putter around their home. Audible’s comprehensive collection is available on a subscription basis, but you can take advantage of a free 30-day trial and numerous free titles.

Staying Sharp

Some of the top apps for seniors are dedicated to challenging your mind and memory. Staying Sharp is a robust app dedicated to brain health. In addition to games and interactive activities, you can find recipes featuring foods that promote healthy cognition, information on brain research, and other resources that encourage you to stay mentally and physically active. The app, which is based on guidance from the Global Council on Brain Health, even includes a tracker so you can monitor your progress.


Another app that encourages an active mind is Luminosity. The games in this app are designed to improve skills like language, math, and cognition. New content is available each day so there’s no danger of getting bored, and the program adapts to your personal abilities. The activities may feel more like games, but they’re all driven by scientific research on cognitive training. In fact, research shows Luminosity is effective at improving cognitive performance.

Words with Friends

This app may technically be a game, but there are plenty of benefits that make it a top app for seniors. The game itself is similar to Scrabble in that you’re  challenged to build words on the digital game board using letter tiles. The word play is a good way to practice language skills and challenge your brain as you create words for maximum points. An added perk: while you can play against the computer, it’s even more fun when you play with loved ones (a built-in messaging feature even lets you trade comments back and forth while you play).


As the pile of prescription bottles grows, it becomes more difficult to remember which medications you’re supposed to take and when. Medisafe is among the top apps for seniors because it gives your brain a little boost. Not only does it help you remember to take your meds on time, but it can also alert a caregiver if you don’t respond to alerts, which may indicate you’ve missed a dose. It’s a handy way to reference your med list when you visit the doctor, and it also includes features to help you stay on top of refills and warn you about possible drug interactions.

Well-Rounded Resources for Overall Wellness

Many of the top apps for seniors have practical purposes, like encouraging challenging the brain, promoting exercise, or helping track your prescriptions, while others are simply for entertainment and enjoyment. At our 10 Springpoint communities across New Jersey and Delaware, we offer seniors equally well-rounded resources that promote whole-person wellness, health, safety, and an exceptional quality of life. Contact us to learn more about spending your retirement years at home with us.

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