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Providing financial assistance
to team members in need.

The mission of the Springpoint Foundation is to inspire generosity in support of programs that make a difference in people’s lives and enrich the communities where they live. The Foundation created the Springpoint Strong Fund to support our team members who are dealing with financial burdens caused by unforeseen hardships. This program is designed to assist our employees during their time of need.

Support during unforeseen hardship

Springpoint team members are encouraged to apply if they experience unforeseen financial hardships brought on by: natural disaster (such as wildfire, flood, hurricane, tornados, or other severe weather which has damaged or destroyed the employee’s primary residence or essential property and is not covered by insurance), life-threatening or serious illness or injury, death of an immediate family member, catastrophic or extreme circumstances (like robbery, arson, assault, extreme vandalism, fire, and major home damage), or another incident beyond the applicant’s control.

Application process

All eligible Springpoint employees can apply today for the Springpoint Strong Fund. Please visit here to see the eligibility requirements and restrictions.

Team members should speak with their Human Resources representative to get an application or visit here. Apply now if you are dealing with unforeseen hardships and need assistance. Please do not hesitate.

Committed to your wellbeing

Springpoint is committed to the overall well-being of our dedicated and hardworking team members, especially during times of personal struggle. We created the Springpoint Strong Fund to support our employees during their time of need.

If you find yourself financially burdened with unforeseen hardships, please apply for the Springpoint Strong Fund and take advantage of the resources and support available to you.

Springpoint Strong Fund Application

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