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One common misconception about the normal aging process is that cognitive decline is an inevitable and unavoidable outcome. However, heathy mental aging is determined by many variants, including a person’s lifestyle. In fact, research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not.

This is why helping you stay mentally active is a focus at Springpoint. We know that learning doesn’t stop once we graduate from school, which is why we offer lifelong learning opportunities at every one of our continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). It’s vital to seek new information, even as we age, for a variety of health benefits.

Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Constantly seeking new information, no matter what the subject matter may be, enhances our health greatly. Here are a few benefits to lifelong learning:

  • Keeps a Sharp Mind and Healthy Brain: Perhaps the greatest health benefit to lifelong learning is the influence on healthy cognitive function. Your brain is a muscle and requires continuing learning and growth to keep in shape. And, stimulating education opportunities help you achieve optimal memory function. One study found that seniors who were involved in higher levels of cognitive stimulation throughout their lifetime had a significant delay in the onset of memory issues and Alzheimer’s symptoms.
  • Improves Self-Confidence: Self-confidence is influenced partly by your level of competence, which comes from knowledge, experience and the skills that you possess. By continuing to learn new things, your trust in yourself increases with the growth of your abilities.
  • Helps You Obtain Practical Life Skills: Your learnings can easily be applied to your everyday life. Especially considering the rise and influence of technology, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends that may help you more efficiently go about your day. Plus, studying topics like nutritious eating and exercise can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Fuels Creativity and Innovation: Not only does lifelong learning increase your knowledge, but it also helps you use that wisdom in diverse and meaningful ways. Listening to others allows you to explore numerous possibilities and ideas and opens your mind to creative thinking.

Discover Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning at Springpoint

At Springpoint, we understand the importance of lifelong learning; that’s why each of our communities offer engaging educational opportunities that expand your mind. Our libraries are educational hubs filled with books and newspapers for your use. Here, you’ll stay on top of the latest current events and open your eyes to hundreds of different worlds presented by your favorite authors. Or, enjoy a guest lecture series, with topics ranging from the view of the Hubble telescope to discussing the lives of famed individuals like Amelia Earhart. You can even participate in exciting, informative events like trivia night – there’s never a shortage of new things to learn in our communities.

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