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Security: Your Plan for the Future

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When you first begin to consider moving to a senior living community, what are the first things you begin to notice? For many, the quality of food and available activities are key to choosing a community that fits their needs, and these are, of course, important things to consider.

But what about your safety? After all, this is your new home. You want to make sure a plan is in place should something come up, and a community’s preparedness is vital to your wellbeing.

If there’s one word to describe how Springpoint makes you feel, it would be secure. Security now in knowing that we are prepared for an emergency should it come up, and security for your future in knowing that your needs will be met. There’s no need to worry as a resident of a Springpoint community.

Disaster Preparedness

When it comes to your security and safety, the team at Springpoint has a detailed plan in place should there be a disaster. Our communities have the ability to provide full power during storms and other extended power outages by increasing on-site power, like generators and using rental power capabilities.

We also maintain an emergency communications system through broadcast voicemail, text messages and email messages. This way, we are able to communicate with our staff members, residents and families in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation.

To be ever-better prepared for the unexpected, we share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. These plans are reviewed regularly; protecting your comfort and safety is a job that calls for continuous improvement. Our goal is to give you the feeling of confidence you deserve.

Your Needs Will Be Met

Much like disaster preparedness, we put a plan in place should your care needs change or an emergency comes up. Moving to a Life Plan community (also known as a CCRC) while you’re still active and independent becomes key to a secure, healthy future.

The benefit of a CCRC is that residents enjoy a true continuum of care and they can rest easy knowing that, should their health needs ever change, the level of supportive services they require can adjust to those needs. We have the resources necessary to better serve you from independent living options to assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and memory care services.

Experience Peace of Mind at Springpoint

When you choose a Springpoint community to call home, you choose security for a safe, healthy future.

Jeff Westerman, whose parents are residents at Springpoint community The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, shares, “The other aspect which hit us all right away, and continues to deepen, is the fact that The Atrium organization has clearly seen and experienced almost everything that can go wrong or right in people’s later lives. Having dealt with every contingency, your staff is obviously trained to address whatever may arise. And that provides profound relief. You’ve thought of it all – and even put it in writing!”

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