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Breaking Down the Dimensions of Senior Health and Wellness

Explore the seven dimensions of senior wellness.

There’s more to health and wellness than just your physical body. In fact, there are a total of seven dimensions of wellness that impact a person’s overall health and well-being. When one of these seven areas is hindered or neglected, it can negatively impact the other areas, as well.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand each of the dimensions of wellness and how they work together to maximize your health. Springpoint Senior Living approaches health and well-being by focusing on all seven areas through our LivWell program, available at Springpoint’s Life Plan communities (CCRCs).

Senior Health

We are proud to focus on whole-person wellness, catering to each of the seven dimensions of health with a deep understanding of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environment, spiritual and vocational needs. Let’s explore more information on each of these seven areas below.

Physical wellness

Physical wellness means taking care of your body by eating healthy, nutritious foods, getting some form of exercise each day, eliminating unhealthy habits like smoking or overusing alcohol, and getting quality, restful sleep.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target physical wellness include fitness classes, cultural dance groups, and the use of our swimming pools.

Intellectual wellness

This dimension of wellness is all about keeping your brain active and engaged as you age. Continuing education opportunities and brain games help make this possible, keeping your mind healthy and fit. This is important for overall health because it reduces risk of memory and cognitive problems such as dementia.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target intellectual wellness include book clubs, art classes and lecture series.

Emotional wellness

Working hand-in-hand with intellectual wellness is your emotional health. Many people think of this as their day-to-day mood or mindset. Having a positive mindset and outlook on life can be difficult at times, but it’s made easier when there are activities and connections with others within reach.

That’s why Springpoint offers emotional wellness programs such as support groups and on-site community chaplains.

Social wellness

Social interaction is good for the body, mind, and soul. It also connects closely with emotional wellness. A good support system and the openness to meet and engage with new people can enhance your health both physically and emotionally, and reduce risk of conditions like depression and anxiety.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target social wellness include weekly happy hours and themed dinners and celebrations.

Environmental wellness

Your environment impacts your overall health and wellness. Studies have shown that simply being outdoors can have a positive impact on the mind and body. That’s why activities such as gardening or recycling can be relaxing and gratifying. They can also evoke a sense of pride while preserving and protecting our world – two wonderful outcomes that can make you feel good.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target environmental wellness include our Recycle, Repurpose & Reuse Program and gardening (both indoors and out).

Spiritual wellness

We understand the importance of spiritual wellness in whole-person health, especially as a person gets older. Finding a connection to your faith and inner values expand your sense of purpose and can even make it easier to get through difficult times in your life.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target spiritual wellness include on-site community chaplains and guided meditation sessions.

Vocational wellness

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use all of the knowledge and experience you’ve gained throughout the years. Vocational wellness programs allow you to share the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your life through mentoring, consulting, tutoring, or volunteering. It’s also a satisfying way to give back to the community.

Examples of programs and amenities offered by Springpoint that target vocational wellness include on- and off-campus volunteering opportunities, and woodworking or creative workshops.

Your health is multifaceted. It’s made of seven dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and vocational. These dimensions are covered in Springpoint Senior Living’s LivWell program, offered at all of our Life Plan communities. Please contact us today for more information.

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