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The Springpoint Strong Fund

Springpoint is proud to announce the launch of the Springpoint Strong Fund. The Springpoint Strong Fund was created to assist team members dealing with financial burdens caused by unexpected hardships and events. Team members who qualify for the program will receive assistance to help relieve the financial strains from those unexpected hardships. The program is funded by the Springpoint Foundation and is now available for eligible team members.

Team members are eligible for the program if they have been employed by Springpoint for at least six months and work at least 20 hours per week before submitting an application. Once an application is submitted, the Springpoint Strong Fund committee will review and determine if the team member is approved to receive financial assistance for those unexpected hardships. The financial assistance will be in the form of a grant and will not have to be repaid by the recipient.

Team members can go to to fill out the online Springpoint Strong Fund program application or visit their local human resources representative to obtain a print copy. If team members have any questions about the program or require assistance with the application process, they can contact their human resources representative.

Springpoint is committed to the overall well-being of all team members, especially during times of personal struggle. If any eligible team members find themself financially burdened with unexpected hardships, they should apply for the Springpoint Strong Fund and take advantage of the support and resources available to them.


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