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How Springpoint Choice Lets You Age at Home

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Today’s retirees have more choices than ever when planning a retirement lifestyle that aligns with their goals and dreams.

For some, that means settling into a retirement community and embracing a resort-style senior living lifestyle. For others, the allure of the familiar means they’ll opt to age at home. Thanks to alternatives like Springpoint Choice, the options don’t stop there; seniors who are members of the program can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Is aging in place for you?

As with most decisions in life, the choice to age at home comes with both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, when you age in place, you’re in a familiar setting and able to carry on the lifestyle you know and love. Especially if you’re in relatively good health, you may see no need to make a change. However, it’s important to recognize the ways the independence you enjoy now may come at a long-term price, both literally and figuratively.

Considering that the costs of long-term care are continually rising, waiting until your health declines to the point that you require additional support may result in bigger expenses. Ultimately, waiting to secure your future healthcare plans may put a big dent in your finances (or hit your loved ones’ wallet if they have a hand in helping you obtain the care you need).

Your personal safety is also a consideration, so before deciding that you want to age at home, it’s a good idea to thoroughly assess your environment. Look at accessibility based on your current abilities, but also how you might expect to get around in the future. For example, will steps prevent you from reaching your bedroom if you begin to have trouble getting around? Are hallways wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair in the future?

Also think about your personal care, like grooming and preparing meals, as well as household chores like laundry and vacuuming. Are there adjustments you’ll need to make over time to ensure you’re able to keep yourself and home safe and clean? If you need assistance with those activities in the future, are there affordable resources available, either with the support of loved ones or through a local agency?

A final consideration about the decision to age at home is your overall wellness, including socialization and support for your cognitive and mental health. Strong social ties and access to rewarding opportunities like volunteering and lifelong learning can help keep you young and vibrant, so you’ll want to be sure those resources are within reach if you age in place.

A different way to age at home

Even if you’ve opted to age at home, you may see the benefits that a senior living community can provide. With a program like Springpoint Choice, you have the ability to remain in your home while taking advantage of the resort-like amenities of nearby retirement communities.

The membership-based program also helps protect your financial future by insulating your income and assets against future long-term care costs, and it gives you peace of mind knowing when the time comes, you’ll have access to the care you need, whether it’s home care, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, or rehabilitation.

A personal care navigator is available whenever you need them to coordinate and manage any care services if your health needs change, and in the meantime, you get the all of the perks of resort-style senior living whenever you want them, with a host of social, wellness, and community activities to help you stay healthy and active. You can stop by one of the eight Springpoint communities in New Jersey and Delaware for a fitness class or drop in to enjoy a chef-prepared restaurant meal. As a member, you can also attend events to make new friends and participate in the award-winning LivWell program, which uses a customized approach to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Another advantage of the Springpoint Choice program is the voice it gives you in planning for your future. Rather than leaving the burden of planning for your long-term care to your children or loved ones, the program puts you in the driver’s seat to make arrangements well before you need them.


Start planning your future

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