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Senior Living Reviews

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read: Why Online Senior Living Reviews can be Misleading

What influences your decision making? Do you talk to family and friends? Or do you go online and research yourself? When looking into the use of online reviews, Inc. found that, “91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Considering how many people turn to online reviews, how accurate are they really?

At Springpoint, we recognize online reviews may be helpful when deciding what senior living community is right for you. We also understand, though, that these sites can sometimes be misleading, and there are plenty of additional resources available to assist you in your search and make an informed decision.

Dig Deeper than Senior Care Reviews

Online reviews offer a snapshot of life in a particular senior living community. But, when you look at the number of reviews compared to how many residents are currently living in the community, there is typically a large gap. People are drawn to write reviews based on passionate feelings – whether those be positive or negative. This offers a small, skewed look into how people view the lifestyle and amenities offered, without any real insight into the entire experience.

Reviewers also leave short, high-level looks into a community. There are very few reviews that go in-depth into the quality of care for specific care needs or how a typical day looks within a community. Yes, it is comforting to hear that the food is tasty, and the staff is caring. But there is much unsaid about specific details you may be looking for.

This isn’t to say online reviews are unimportant – sometimes, learning about a community from those who have experience living there can help you picture what your life as a resident would be like. Although online reviews may be helpful in the decision-making process, they should not be the only source forming your opinion.

The most beneficial course of action to take when determining what senior living community is the best fit for you is to personally visit the communities. There is no substitute for walking through the hallways, witnessing how happy residents are and tasting the food for yourself. While on a tour, you’re able to ask the guides and residents specific questions and get a true sense of what your life would be like. During this time, can dig deeper and find out where your needs and desires will be fulfilled.

Come See Springpoint Senior Living Communities for Yourself

We’d love to have you as a guest at one of our Springpoint Senior Living communities. Whether you’d like to explore the friendly and warm community at Crestwood Manor or the waterfront lifestyle at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, we invite you and your loved ones to visit and see what life at Springpoint is all about. Contact us today to learn more about our communities and schedule your personal tour.

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