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What Does Practicing My Faith Look Like When I Move into a Retirement Community?

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Moving to a senior living community may mean making some big lifestyle changes, but your approach to practicing faith doesn’t have to be one of them.

Faith, religion, and spirituality play an important role in many seniors’ lives. These deeply personal belief systems provide an important source of continuity as you transition through life’s stages.


Why Faith and Spirituality Matter as You Age

Spirituality may involve following the beliefs of a specific religion or practicing faith, but most importantly, it focuses on finding ideals you wish to live by. This deep understanding of personal purpose and self can play an important role in positive aging. The process of aging brings numerous changes that can be difficult or even overwhelming to navigate. Spiritual wellness gives you tools such as strength and hope that allow you to cope more positively with life’s twists and turns as you age.


Exploring Faith in a Community Setting

Just like any other move in life, moving to a retirement community may mean making some changes in how you go about practicing faith or celebrating your spiritual life. Here are some options to consider:

Change nothing. If you’re staying within the same city or region, it may be practical and easy to maintain ties with the religious or spiritual community you already know. A loved one may be able to assist with transportation, if needed, or your new community may have a transportation program you can rely on to attend regular services.


Discover options within the community. Chances are good your new community offers faith-based or spiritual programs for people who share your beliefs. Some may be nondenominational, and others may be designed for specific faiths. For example, Springpoint Foundation’s Spiritual Care Program offers spiritual support, including traditional religious ceremonies and services, nondenominational discussion groups, devotions, meditation, and more.

Other services provided by our trained chaplains include individual counseling, support groups, and spiritual companionship and support during times of personal transition, as well as spiritual education reflecting the needs of the community. All these services are open, inclusive, and welcoming to all.


Inquire about neighbors. Meeting others who share your interests is a great benefit of making your home in a senior living community. Talking with the activity director or other members of the care team can help you identify residents who share your commitment to practicing faith so you can attend services together or make other plans for honoring your faith or spirituality.


Learn about spirituality’s role in wellness. Spirituality is one of the seven dimensions of wellness that form the foundation of Springpoint’s award-winning LivWell wellness program. Establishing a deeper connection to your faith and inner values helps shape your sense of purpose and may help you navigate trying times, including transitions like a move, illness, and loss or grief. Examples of spiritual activities offered through LivWell include vespers, devotion, and guided meditation.


Seek opportunities in the surrounding area. Whether you consider attending services at a local place of worship or align with a philanthropic organization that reflects your beliefs, you’re sure to find options that complement your community’s offerings and allow you to continue your commitment to practicing faith near your new home.


We Support Your Spiritual Journey

Across our Springpoint senior living communities in New Jersey and Delaware, you’ll find numerous avenues for practicing faith and supporting your spiritual needs. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve spiritual wellness as you transition to retirement living.

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