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Gaining Independence: Occupational Therapy for Seniors

What Is Occupational Therapy for Seniors

As you age, some daily tasks may start to get more difficult to complete. This is one of the most challenging parts of the aging process as the things that were once a simple part of daily life now become laborious. Thankfully, there is a way to complete these tasks once more: through occupational therapy. This program can help you gain more control over your life again and get back some independence.

But, what is occupational therapy for seniors? And what are the benefits? Below are the answers to some of the most common questions about occupational therapy.

What Is Occupational Therapy for Seniors?

Occupational therapy is a method of helping people develop, maintain or recover skills for necessary daily activities so they can lead independent and productive lives. The type of occupational therapy you’ll receive greatly depends on your needs. For example, someone with arthritis will receive a different kind of treatment than someone with an eye condition.

When you receive occupational therapy, your therapist will work to understand your specific needs so they can address your concerns with the right exercises. They may also speak with your family members and your doctor to get further insights. Then they’ll form a plan of recommendations and techniques to help you meet your goals.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

While the goal of occupational therapy is to help you learn to overcome physical challenges, it’s not limited to only improving your physical processes. There are many different benefits to this type of therapy:

  • Overcoming Daily Challenges. Occupational therapy aids you in overcoming some of the difficulties you face each day. Whether you struggle with getting dressed, holding utensils or even participating in social activities, this therapy can help you find workarounds for the tasks you need assistance with.
  • Preventing Falls. According to the CDC, approximately 36 million older adults fall each year, and one out of every five falls results in a serious injury. One of the benefits of occupational therapy for seniors is finding solutions to stay active so you can avoid falls in the future.
  • Enhancing Health and Wellness. Not only does occupational therapy benefit your physical health, but it can have a positive effect on your mental health and overall satisfaction as well. This therapy offers a unique approach to daily modifications for a better quality of life, leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
  • Increasing Knowledge of Home Modifications. Through occupational therapy, you can learn how to improve your home environment so you can more easily perform regular activities of daily living. To help with this, therapists can help acquire devices to make you feel more comfortable in your home such as bathtub benches or grab bars.
  • Sharing Information with Family Members. Occupational therapists can also help by filling in family members so they know how to alleviate some of the pressure on you.
  • Promoting Independence. This therapy improves quality of life for a lifetime — not just temporarily. Your therapist will work with you to overcome the challenges you face every day so you can continue meeting your goals day after day.

Find More Ways to Enhance Life with Springpoint

As a leader in senior care in New Jersey and Delaware, Springpoint helps residents to meet their goals every day. One way we do that is through our rehabilitation services. Our professional team of caring individuals at each of our communities can help you achieve your goals through high-quality programming — including occupational therapy — every day of the week. We also offer support and education for family members so you can enjoy the highest quality of life, whether you live on one of our campuses or are part of Springpoint Choice.

If you’d like to learn more about the rehabilitation services Springpoint offers, contact our team today!

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