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Introducing Springpoint Senior Living’s Evolved Brand

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We are proud to announce the evolution of our brand, Springpoint. From humble beginnings in 1916 as an organization providing housing to a small group of seniors, Springpoint has since evolved to be a premier leader in senior housing and care that now serves over 4,000 adults.

In response to the recognition of this evolution, we stepped back and took inventory of our brand and the way we talk about our organization. Our overall brand needs to express the unique personalities of each of our communities and services, while uniting them under one entity. To do that, we had to consider who we really are — we spoke to hundreds of individuals from throughout our organization, including representatives from governance, senior leadership, staff and residents, who kindly shared their thoughts, feelings and insights on where we are excelling and where we need to improve.

With the wealth of information collected and analyzed from the focus groups and surveys, we then worked with a team to build the strategic brand architecture. The elements of the new architecture include an updated mission, vision and values, as well as a brand platform.

Our Mission:

To inspire our family with endless opportunities.

Our Vision:

To be the premier provider, offering exceptional services and innovative programs that empower those we serve and those who serve them to experience the best that life has to offer.

Our Values:

Respect: We recognize the value and dignity of every person.
Compassion: We seek to understand and empathize with others.
Service: We strive to exceed expectations.
Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in all that we do.
Integrity: We are honest, responsible and ethical.
Commitment: We are accountable to the greater community.
Innovation: We aim to continuously improve our services and organization.

With this change, we are also redefining our brand from “Springpoint Senior Living” to simply “Springpoint,” including an updated logo. This allows for all housing and services to be inclusive under one entity.

Defining the brand is only the beginning. For a brand to be meaningful, it can’t simply be written down on a piece of paper — it must embody the heart and soul of Springpoint. Every interaction throughout our organization must reinforce our brand message, every day. Together, we will continue to find ways to live and embrace our brand as a community.

Let’s connect.

If you have questions or comments about Springpoint or our communities, we’re here to help.

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