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Healthy Community Living

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How Life Plan Communities Can Improve Your Wellness

Residents in Life Plan communities report higher satisfaction with happiness, social contact, physical activity, engagement in intellectual activities and understanding of their purpose in life than older adults not living in these communities.

This finding is part of The Age Well Study, a project conducted by Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging in partnership with Northwestern University comparing wellness outcomes in residents at Life Plan communities versus those in the community-at-large. Results from year one of the five-year study focus on each of the dimensions of wellness as a framework for examining health. Participants were asked about their own wellbeing and completed a survey exploring their outcomes in physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and vocational wellness.

The study shows that Life Plan communities, also called continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), offer the environment individuals need to truly thrive. Activities and amenities for wellness may be more difficult to identify in the community-at-large, while many CCRCs offer specialized programs making a healthy lifestyle more easily available. And, along with accessibility, Life Plan communities also offer the close-knit community life proven to enhance health.

Springpoint Senior Living is proud to have been selected as a participant in this study. In our communities, wellness is engrained in everything that we do. Through socialization, activities, and amenities at our Life Plan communities, we offer opportunities for residents to engage in the healthy lifestyle they want.

Benefits of Springpoint Community Living

Community living presents greater socialization opportunities, a major factor in wellness outcomes. You’re easily able to share a meal, play a game or attend a function with neighbors – all you have to do is walk out your door, and you have an entire community of people surrounding you. Not only do you have social opportunities with peers, but with our staff as well. Connections form between residents and staff members, some even commenting that their relationship feels more like family. The more social and connected a person is, the more likely they are to successfully and actively engage in wellness activities.

Perhaps the greatest asset Springpoint communities offer in terms of a healthy lifestyle is the LivWell program. LivWell is a holistic wellness program for seniors, aimed to cater to each of the dimensions of wellness. Our philosophy is, “To provide opportunity to engage in experiences which support a high quality of life, personal choice, lifelong development and an optimal sense of wellbeing.” Examples of programming include sports clubs and tournaments, cultural dance groups and resident scholar lectures. Through participation in LivWell, you’re able to live your best life.

LivWell is all about choice. When moving to one of our communities, you’ll create a unique profile highlighting your personal goals for wellness. You decide how involved you want to be and in what activities you wish to participate in – it’s all up to you.

Learn How Springpoint Senior Living Communities Can Enhance Your Wellness

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals plays a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In our communities, you have the chance to explore a variety of wellness opportunities with friends and neighbors. Contact us today to learn more about how you can live well with Springpoint Senior Living.

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