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Fun Indoor Activities to Enjoy the Cold Winter Days

Senior couple baking cookies together to have fun while indoors during the winter months.

Due to the drop in temperature, you may feel more inclined to stay indoors and hibernate during the winter months. But that doesn’t mean your days have to be boring! Keep reading for a few indoor activities to get more enjoyment out of those frigid days.

6 Indoor Winter Activities for Adults

1. Learn a New Recipe
Now’s the time to experiment in the kitchen. Whether it be an heirloom recipe you’ve never had the chance to try for yourself or a more complex pastry you’ve found in a cookbook, roll up your sleeves and spend some time making delicious food. Not sure where to start? Try one of the “40 Winter Recipes That Will Distract You From 4:30 Sunsets” from bon appétit.

2. Schedule a Call with a Loved One
While social distancing has become the new norm, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with others. Schedule chats with family and friends to ensure you keep in touch while staying indoors during this winter. Try video calls, like FaceTime or Zoom, so it feels like you’re right there with the other person during your get-together.

3. Get Moving
While running or playing outdoor activities may not be ideal during cold months, winter is a great time to get into a new physical fitness routine indoors. Whether it be lifting weights or finding online fitness classes, find a routine that works for you to keep your body moving.

4. Take an Online Learning Course
Expand your mind with an online learning course. Coursera offers almost 4,000 courses from over 200 leading universities and companies – for free! Simply find a course that piques your interest and spend time learning something new.

5. Relax with a Book
Escape down the rabbit hole with Alice or raft down the Mississippi River with Huck Finn, all without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. Reading is a fun way to keep your brain engaged, whether it be through novels or the community newspaper that keeps you up to date on the latest happenings.

6. Embrace Your Inner Artist
It’s time to pick up that paintbrush and get your creativity flowing. Whether it be a seasoned hobby or trying a new medium, art is a fantastic way to express yourself and enjoy your time indoors. Some artistic activities you may want to try include painting, sculpture, music, poetry and dance.

Lead an Active Lifestyle at Springpoint

Our Springpoint Life Plan communities encourage healthy aging and vibrant days filled with activities. Daily activities like classes held in art studios and aqua aerobics in indoor heated pools are only a few examples of ways to stay involved within our communities without ever having to step foot off campus. Even while keeping the safety of our residents in mind, we offer fun ways to fill your days while social distancing and opportunities to still connect with others.

Come see for yourself! Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour at one of our communities.

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