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The Importance of Active Senior Living

A group of senior friends walking outside on a trail.

We often hear that it’s important to stay active to be healthy – but what exactly does that mean? Active living involves integrating physical activity into your everyday routine. This could include riding your bike to the grocery store or taking the stairs instead of an elevator when the option is available.

When you lead an active lifestyle, you’re doing a favor to both your mental and physical health. You’re able to experience benefits including healthy weight management, lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of depression, stronger bones and more. Studies even show that regular physical activity adds years to your lifespan.

At Springpoint, we know an active lifestyle is vital to your health and wellbeing, which is why we offer engaging programs and amenities to ensure residents have the opportunity to keep moving at each of our communities.

Find Ways to Live an Active and Healthy Life

At each Springpoint community, we offer LivWell, the award-winning holistic wellness program that goes far beyond traditional healthy living activities and caters to each of the seven dimensions of wellness. Every team member undergoes specialized training and works with residents to develop our events and activities with a genuine understanding of your needs. These activities range from walking groups to off-campus excursions exploring local attractions.

Along with engaging programming, our communities offer a variety of both indoor and outdoor amenities for you to stay active. Fully equipped fitness centers are available for your use, and staff members are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Plus, fitness classes like chair yoga and tai chi are scheduled weekly.

Along with physical fitness classes, the stunning grounds at each Springpoint community offer walking trails for you to enjoy an afternoon stroll. And special amenities at some of our communities include croquet courts, pools, greenhouses, putting greens and more. There’s always a way for you to move your body and stay active.

The best part about keeping an active lifestyle with Springpoint? Everything you decide to participate in is your choice. LivWell is unique due to its personalized approach. You’re invited to take a questionnaire when you move into a community that helps you recognize your most important goals, and our staff can share information on LivWell activities and programs that can help you achieve those objectives and fit your lifestyle using resources right within the community. Plus, our amenities are always available for your use.

Discover Active Senior Living at Springpoint

Springpoint introduces you to the opportunities you need to keep moving. The culture at each of our communities revolves around living an active, healthy lifestyle. Through LivWell, wellness is engrained in everything we do. Contact us today to learn more about active lifestyle opportunities in our communities and schedule your personal tour.

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