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How The Best Retirement Communities Help You Explore Your Hobbies

Happy senior couple gardening on a sunny day

Entering retirement may signal the end of a busy career, but it hardly means you need to be idle. Retirement is an incredible opportunity to learn—or relearn!—a favorite pastime that brings you joy.

 Some hobbies for seniors allow participants to rediscover activities they found rewarding in their younger years. Other senior hobbies present new challenges and the chance to master something entirely new.

 You may think of them as simple fun or amusement, but many hobbies are a form of lifelong learning, which offers numerous advantages to older adults. Hobbies for seniors provide:

  • Opportunities to socialize with others who share your interests
  • The chance to learn new skills for the simple joy of it
  • A way to put your brain to work and keep cognitive skills sharp
  • Productive activities to fill your newfound free time
  • A nudge to uncover hidden talents and feel pride in what you can accomplish
  • A renewed sense of purpose and personal gratification


Our Communities Encourage Hobbies for Seniors

Springpoint senior living communities offer diverse amenities and programs that promote enriching hobbies for seniors. In honor of National Hobby Month in January, we invite you to get inspired by some of the ways our residents are exploring their interests and honing new skills at our communities across New Jersey and Delaware.

 Boating: What’s life on the waterfront without a boat? At The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, residents get to enjoy time on the water courtesy of a private pontoon boat. Evening cruises feature champagne toasts, sweet treats, and, of course, stunning sunset views.

 Woodworking: Several of the Springpoint communities, including Crestwood Manor, feature fully equipped woodworking shops where residents can tackle projects that have lingered on their to-do list for years, or get hands-on with wood crafting for the first time ever.

 Arboriculture: If you have a lifelong passion for trees, you’ll delight in the 103-acre Meadow Lakes campus, which is home to an accredited arboretum. Wooded paths showcase a variety of plants, flowers, and trees that are carefully tended by a full-time arborist (and the caring hands of interested residents, of course).

 Creative workshop: Artistic expression takes all forms in the creative workshop at Monroe Village. Residents get hands-on to bring their creative ideas to life with everything from watercolor painting classes to learning how to build a birdhouse and beyond.

 Butterfly gardens: Inspired by residents, the butterfly gardens at The Moorings at Lewes are the site of an annual monarch release. Residents take pride in helping to maintain the gardens throughout the year, and local students often visit the community to learn about the gardens and visiting wildlife.

 Theater: It’s never too late to catch the acting bug, and residents at The Oaks at Denville are proof. The onsite performance hall isn’t just for guest lectures; residents deliver their own theatrical interpretations to the delight of their peers.

 Gardening: From stunning flowering blooms to cutting stems perfect for arrangements, the community greenhouse at Stonebridge at Montgomery is a sight—and scent—to behold. That’s not all residents grow in this onsite sanctuary; herbs like parsley, rosemary, and chives are plentiful complements to residents’ own cooking, while the community’s executive chef delights in incorporating ingredients fresh from the garden into his flavorful menus.

 Literature: Amateur and experienced authors gather for regular writing workshops at Winchester Gardens to learn tips for advancing their works. Resident projects span everything from captivating memoirs to lyric poetry and other forms of expressive prose.


You’ve Earned a Rewarding Retirement

Our expansive list of activities and amenities is a great starting point for establishing a retirement hobby, but we’re also all ears when it comes to hobby ideas our residents want to explore. Contact us to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve a meaningful and rewarding retirement.

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