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Senior Living Downsizing Made Easy

Senior couple downsizing their home for retirement.

Moving to a senior living community takes time, energy and plenty of planning. Although downsizing can seem overwhelming now, doing so can help declutter your life and empower you to make important decisions for your future. Karen Bokert found that the move to Crestwood Manor, a Springpoint community, wasn’t as difficult or chaotic as she thought it might be. She shared, “The move itself, with the help of Springpoint representatives, was wonderful.”

This post explores just a few tips the experts at Springpoint have found to be helpful when downsizing your home.

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Keep Items with the Most Value: When going through your home, keep asking yourself, “What are the items most important to me?” From here, divide your belongings into keep, sell, donate and trash piles. This will help the decision-making process run smoothly and ensure your new home will be filled with your most beloved items.

Label Everything: Organization is key when it comes to packing. Clearly label the contents of each box, so you’ll know where it belongs in your new home. And, be sure to pack one box with the items you need in the first night in your new home. This way, after a long day of hauling boxes and furniture, you’ll have everything you need to relax and can save the unpacking for the next day.

Set a Goal: Keep focus through the downsizing process with a goal in mind. Whether it be finishing a room or just making that one phone call to a donation center, accomplishing tasks and checking off a list keeps you motivated.

Making the decision to move is an important and exciting step to take. We understand the downsizing process can seem overwhelming at first, which is why we’ve also created a downloadable workbook and guide to help you begin. Learn more about downsizing by downloading our guide today.

Learn More About Senior Downsizing Services at Springpoint

Whatever your motivation and reason to move to a senior living community may be, the actual physical move can take time, energy and plenty of planning. That’s where our Move Ahead program comes in. Experts work alongside incoming residents and their families throughout the whole process, from finding the best living space for your needs to helping you set up your new home.

Our certified downsizers start by helping you sort your items and declutter your belongings, organize an estate sale, packing and more. We will also work with your realtor to evaluate your home, make recommendations for small repairs and help to stage it for better sales appeal. Not only will the team help you in preparing for the transition, but our Move-In-Coordinator will be onsite the day of your move.

Find out more about how Springpoint can help you rest easy during the move-in process so you can jump right into life at our vibrant communities. For more information, contact us to schedule your personal appointment.

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