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Calculating the Fees: the Cost of Senior Living Communities and the Benefits

Calculating the Fees: the Cost of Senior Living Communities and the Benefits

When you weigh the decision to move to a senior living community, one of the biggest factors is the cost. Along with the entrance fee, you’ll also have monthly service fee payments to include in your budget. However, as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
Senior communities like our Springpoint Life Plan Communities are much more than just a place to live. Here, you can bask in your golden years, continue growing, savor new memories with friends and family, and explore the things you love most in life.

Senior Living Pricing: What Are You Paying For?

You may be asking yourself, “What amenities are offered at senior living communities like Springpoint? What all am I paying for? Is the cost worth it?” Below, we take a look at the senior living cost benefits so you can see how your fees are put to use.

A Relaxing Environment

In a Life Plan Community, residents are typically 55 years or older and retired or nearing retirement. That means you won’t have to worry about noisy neighbors throwing parties late into the night or the heavy sounds of traffic. Plus, you’ll have access to an array of amenities designed for a relaxing environment. At Springpoint, we offer heated pools, yoga classes, walking trails and more.

Wellness Amenities

When you’re part of a senior living community, you’re in the hands of experts in the health and wellness field. You’ll have access to nutritional wellness, fitness instructors, a network of healthcare professionals and classes to expand your mind and creativity.

According to the CDC, 28% of adults over the age of 50 are physically inactive. When you live at home, it can be difficult to get into a physical fitness routine. But when you become part of a senior living community, you have a variety of unique options to help you stay fit and active. If you don’t enjoy speed walking or jogging, you can swim laps in the pool. Not a fan of working out by yourself? Join one of the many classes offered and meet a new friend or two.

Because nutritional health plays a significant role in wellness, you should expect a senior living community to provide you with both delicious and healthy options. You’ll likely also have access to dietitians who can help you design a meal plan around your specific needs and goals as well as a dining experience to delight the taste buds.

Social Opportunities

In the United States, 27 percent of adults over the age of 60 live alone, which means they can become more socially isolated as they age. That isolation can lead to health complications over time, including depression and cognitive decline.
When you move to a senior living community, however, a portion of your fees goes toward social activities and opportunities that keep you connected to others. Whether you want to join in the weekly book club, go on trips to the local theater, enjoy a happy hour or meet new friends in a woodworking class, there’s always something for everyone.

No More Home Maintenance

You may be ready for a break after years of mowing the lawn, making repairs and replacing large appliances. When you move into a senior living community, part of your fees goes toward a maintenance-free lifestyle so you can better enjoy your golden years. Rather than spend hours on housework and yard maintenance like clearing the gutters and climbing on ladders to change light bulbs, friendly staff members will handle that for you at no additional cost.

As you age, you’ll also likely need to make safety adjustments to your home. Things like grab bars and shower seats are typically inexpensive, but if you need more significant accessibility changes, renovations can quickly add up. When you move into a Life Plan Community, living and shared spaces are already fitted with these additions, and a portion of your monthly fees goes toward any improvements that need to happen in the future.

Explore the Senior Living Cost Benefits at Springpoint

As a not-for-profit organization, everything you put into Springpoint communities comes back to benefit you. Each of our eight Life Plan Communities offers full-service retirement living so you can have the privacy of your own home while still benefiting from the community’s services and amenities. And should your or your partner’s needs change, your initial fee and monthly costs cover most everything you’ll need, and you won’t have to worry about planning another move.

To learn more about life in a Springpoint community, contact our team or download your free copy of our 10 Benefits of Senior Living at Springpoint guide.

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