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What Amenities Do Today’s Life Plan Communities Offer?

CCRC Amenities

When you think of a Life Plan community (also known as a continuing care retirement community), what do you envision? If you picture an assisted living or “nursing home” environment, you are far from reality. Today’s Life Plan communities have something for every resident – a wide array of life-enriching amenities and services designed to help residents thrive.  

Not only do these amenities offer entertainment and fulfillment for seniors, they also promote healthy aging through physical, emotional, and social opportunities. Each resident’s overall well-being, not just physical health, is top priority at all of our Sprinpgoint communities.  

Senior Living Amenities to Promote Physical Health 

Staying active is a prime way to promote healthy aging, stay busy, and make new friends. Our Springpoint communities offer plenty of ways for seniors to stay active, catering to a variety of interests. For example, most of our communities offer indoor or outdoor heated pools perfect for swimming laps, dance groups, fitness classes, walking trails and outdoor recreation areas, and fitness centers. Plus, many communities are located near other opportunities for physical recreation, such as golf courses, beaches, tennis courts, and more.  

Amenities to Sharpen and Strengthen the Mind 

Without proper exercise for the mind, mental functioning can decline with age. That’s why amenities that use your mind and memory are crucial for overall aging Springpoint communities offer art studios, well-stocked libraries, performance halls, and learning centers. Or here’s another idea: gather with a group of friends each week and play a different board game or cards. Bonus: invite someone new to join your group each week. The opportunities are endless! 

Amenities to Explore New or Existing Hobbies 

As we mentioned above, amenities at Life Plan communities promote physical and mental health, and hobbies do this, too. Depending on what it is, a hobby can be good for the mind, body and soul. Many of our retirement communities in New Jersey and Delaware offer a multitude of opportunities to practice or take up a new hobby, like woodworking, painting, or learning a new language sport, or musical instrument. 

Amenities for Social Wellness 

Isolation is never good for healthy aging. According to a recent study by the National Council on Aging, an estimated 17% of all Americans over the age of 65 are isolated because they live alone. But Life Plan communities provide opportunities to engage with others and form relationships. This can lower risk for certain health conditions like anxiety and depression. Examples of amenities that support emotional and social wellness include support groups, weekly happy hours, themed dinners and celebrations, beauty salons and spas, restaurant-style dining, and casual café dining.  

Amenities for Self-Fulfillment 

Retirement brings additional free-time, and what better way to use some of that extra time on your hands than to give back to others? Volunteering opportunities for seniors are prevalent within or near all of our continuing care retirement communities. Continuing to share knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your career through mentoring, consulting, tutoring or volunteering provides a way to give back to your community. 

Amenities for Every Personality are Within Reach

Springpoint Senior Living is far from your average continuing care retirement community. Living well through exciting and entertaining amenities is our specialty. Your life, your goals, and your needs are our top priorities, and we keep these three areas in mind always. No matter what interests you have, you are sure to find something at our communities to keep you far from boredom. 

For more information about life at any of our communities, please contact us today.  

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