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Take it From Our Residents

Barbara Thompson

Meet Barbara Thompson – Resident at Meadow Lakes

Where I used to live everyone was in their own home but we weren’t connected. For social activities or if a health issue occurred, I wanted to be in a community where neighbors are nearby and emergency services are close at hand. Here at Meadow Lakes our private homes are connected with indoor hallways. We have instant assistance at all times with a built-in alert system that provides 24-hour help.

The development where I lived before was run by the residents and I wanted to move to a community that was managed by professionals like at Meadow Lakes, but still have a voice and choices as a resident. The Meadow Lakes Residents Forum provides just that—I was recently selected to be the president of the Forum.

Since moving here, I’ve met so many interesting and talented let’s-get-involved people from all walks of life who are caring and understanding not only for each other, but for the staff as well. When residents of other communities learn about our many resident-initiated committees, including programs such as our Education Award Program that donates college tuition for employees, they say: you have that at your community? They can’t believe how involved the residents are here; it makes a world of difference.

Bunny Guerrin

Meet Bunny Guerrin, a resident at The Moorings at Lewes

I love my apartment at The Moorings and find special pleasure in growing plants all year around on my glassed in porch. I’m looking forward to a new residents’ garden in the spring with raised beds where we can grow vegetables and flowers to share or add to our own cooking. The entire staff here is pleasant and helpful.

Housekeeping keeps my apartment clean; maintenance takes care of any problem. I love living where, if I run out of coffee or bread, the “Bistro” is right down the hall. A good library and a swimming pool are in the main building too, as is a full menu dining room and other conveniences. Yes….even a woodworking shop!

I have a college major in studio art, and coach the community art group. The same room that is provided for painting activities is also outfitted with comfortable chairs and a fireplace for needle workers who gather to socialize while knitting or quilting, browsing through art and craft books, or sharing a new skill. Once a year, The Moorings displays an exhibit of residents’ creative arts for sale. A percentage of the earnings is donated to the Residents Reserve Fund.

Community members are involved in many activities sponsored by The Moorings (such as Tai Chi) or arranged by resident committees (such as movies, the book club, chorus, and outings for dinner). The Residents’ Association comprises many committees and gives voice to resident concerns and interests. Whether serving on a committee, joining an activity, or making use of events and services in Lewes or nearby Rehoboth I keep busy. Or, when I want quiet, I sit on my porch and enjoy my plants. Orchids are blooming on this snowy day!

Dorothy Moore

Meet Dorothy Moore – Resident at Stonebridge at Montgomery

Dorothy Moore, also known as Dot, is one of the first residents to join the Stonebridge at Montgomery community twelve years ago. Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, she moved to the Princeton area to be close to her new grandson.

“It was the right move for me. I love my one-bedroom apartment with living room, dining room, den and kitchen. My porch with northeast exposure is beautiful. During the warmer months I like to sit and have breakfast and lunch there and take in the pretty view.

The people are wonderful here, it’s very easy to meet folks and make new friends. There’s so much to do socially too. And they offer several options for healthcare including the Lifecare plan which keeps me from worrying about the future. This is the good life – It is!”

Mr and Mrs Roessle

Meet Fred and Ruth Roessle – Residents at Winchester Gardens

In 2008 as a gift to our big family, Fred and I decided to downsize while we were able. So here we are at Winchester Gardens our home since 2009. We love our villa which has scenic views of the beautifully landscaped grounds. We’re both outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy the walking paths throughout the community.

We’re both very involved members of the Residents Association here too. I (Ruth) am a member of the Welcoming, Marketing, Rummage Sale and Scholarship Committees. Fred is a member of the Residents Planning, Finance, Safety and Security and Scholarship Committees.

We are fortunate to have made wonderful friends and stand in awe at their remarkable lives and accomplishments. We also consider our Staff as part of our family and are grateful for their capable and friendly presence here.

I loved to cook but now we both enjoy the varied menus and delicious meals available here. It’s just like home but without the planning, shopping and clean-up which makes it easy.

The Sub-Acute Wing at Winchester Gardens is about to open—a spectacular addition to our campus, and a great comfort to us if needed. And the exercise programs are really fun and good medicine with lots of laughs. Participating in the different classes has opened up a new door for me. I always had a good excuse to “not” participate, but now I look forward to my time there. Fred has always enjoyed sports and is still active in golf and fitness.

We feel blessed and grateful we made a very wise decision almost nine years ago and our family is very thankful we are here. We enjoy their visits and “catch up times.”

Karen Bokert

Meet Karen Bokert – Resident at Crestwood Manor

I had visited several other retirement communities, but when I walked into Crestwood Manor, I was immediately impressed with how friendly and well-established it seemed, both important qualities. My husband and I and other family members came back a few times. We reviewed the financial commitment and found it to be reasonable. The move itself, with the help of Springpoint representatives, was wonderful.

A lifelong artist, I’m delighted to meet with a small group of serious painters at Crestwood Manor. My husband Ed and I appreciate that there is a dedicated LivWell program here. We’ve lived well for many years, watching our diet and exercising; we also meditate together. We’ve recently begun offering a meditation workshop here for residents. I am a certified chair yoga instructor and I’m pleased to have a core group of people attend my weekly chair yoga sessions, something I offer as a gift to the community.

We are so delighted with the openness to new ideas we have found at Crestwood Manor, and the willingness to have new residents share their talents and interests with everyone.

Lucy Pietrofesa

Meet Lucy Pietrofesa – Resident at Monroe Village

My dog, Jim-E and I moved to the campus from a condo in Twin Rivers. I found myself spending more time worrying about snow removal, repair men coming to fix things and shopping to keep up my cooking and cleaning routines. Living here gives you so much freedom and independence. Even if you don’t drive, you can do what you want without relying on anyone. You can paint, garden in the greenhouse, join a book club or discussion group– and that’s all without leaving the campus!

You can go where you want, too. We have trips to theaters, the movies, outdoor events in the warmer weather, and grocery or shopping trips; if you need it the bus takes you.

Mealtimes here are nice because the food is good and you meet a lot of people. At the same time, I like to cook in my apartment and go out to eat with friends. The meal plans are flexible so it’s perfect for someone like me. Moving here was a great decision. I’m having fun and meeting lots of new people.


Meet Paula Westerman – Resident at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor

Everyone asks me if I’ve adjusted to my new life at The Atrium since my move here in January and if I’m happy living here. Without a moment’s hesitation I answer that I never needed a period of adjustment. I felt at home from the moment I stepped through the front door. I not only like living here—I love it.

Let’s start with the obvious reasons to enjoy living at The Atrium. We’re surrounded by sheer physical beauty. It’s impossible not to fall under the spell of the river—to sit at dinner and look at an egret preening at the shoreline; to watch the ever-changing sky, beautiful even on a rainy day; to watch the parade of boats both summer and winter.

Then there’s my apartment. I love it! It’s both spacious and convenient and my furniture and artwork fit in beautifully. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning; all that housewifely drudgery is done for me!

Now to the less obvious reasons for loving life at The Atrium. I knew that there were a variety of activities offered and I was open to trying most, if not all, of them. I didn’t know that I would find them so enjoyable and stimulating. I joined the painting class, never having painted in my life. I’m doing better than I expected, but I can assure you there’s no great talent emerging! Who cares? It’s fun. I’ve also become an enthusiastic member of the book club and writing class, both of which are filled with an interesting, lively group of people.

What amazes me is that nobody sits around complaining about their various infirmities, although we all suffer from the disease: old age. Instead, the talk is spirited and about books or art or history—children and grandkids. Aches and pains are put on the shelves where they belong. Then there are all the just-for-fun things like Mardi Gras or the Kentucky Derby. I could go on and on. Life as we knew it ends with a move to The Atrium. However, life does not end. There is a new beginning and it’s great!

Richard Schlenger

Meet Richard Schlenger – Resident at The Oaks at Denville

Before retiring and moving to The Oaks at Denville, I was a Recreation Supervisor. I feel that I have continued with my recreation career here at The Oaks because I can be as active as I wish. There are so many things to do here like exercising and keeping fit, I am always busy. Plus if I find that I want to try something new like the Senior Olympics the professional staff at The Oaks is happy to assist. They are caring, friendly and helpful.

While I loved my old house, The Oaks is my new home. It is the best place for me to be. My family is happy for me and I am happy to see them smile when I talk about The Oaks. It’s been the perfect place to call home.

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