Predictable Retirement

The Value of Retirement Planning for a Secure Future

When you think of the phrase “age in place,” do you picture living out your days at home, only receiving assistance with healthcare or daily activities as it becomes necessary? For many seniors, remaining in a long-time home seems to be the desired option. However, is this really the best decision for your future?

Aging in Place in a Life Plan Community

Today, more seniors are recognizing the benefits of downsizing their homes and moving to continuing care retirement communities like our Life Plan Communities. These communities offer a true way to plan for your retirement and your future, both in terms of your health and financial well-being.

A few of the perks of choosing to move to a Life Plan Community include:

Predictable Monthly Costs
Staying in your current home can mean escalating costs for a variety of reasons. Maybe big-ticket repairs are needed soon, like a new furnace or windows. Additionally, the cost of healthcare is continually on the rise. Take a moment to calculate all your current living expenses to get a true picture of everything you are budgeting on a monthly basis.

In a Life Plan Community, you’ll have one convenient monthly service fee, which covers everything from your utilities and property taxes and amenities like dining, housekeeping, yardwork, social activities, fitness opportunities and more. Financially, this service fee simplifies your monthly costs, as every month, you’ll see predictable payments that are easily paid in one check.

Financial Value
As part of the Springpoint family of communities, we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our “Residents First Guarantee” ensures your entrance fee will be fully refunded if you decide to leave our community for any reason within 60 days of your move.

Additionally, many new residents at a Life Plan Community can qualify for a tax deduction on their entrance fee and monthly services fees. These fees are deductible due to the fact that they represent a charge or pre-payment for future healthcare, including assisted living or skilled nursing services. If you’d like to learn more about these tax benefits, talk to your accountant or tax advisor for specific information about how much you could potentially save.

Wellness and Social Opportunities
Numerous studies have shown the correlation between social interaction and a better overall quality of life. Building and maintaining relationships as you age provides a variety of health benefits, including improved mood and decreased risk for depression, reducing the onset of chronic conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, better cardiovascular health, a boosted immune system and even promotes longevity. In a Life Plan Community, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of social opportunities, engaging activities and lively events to ensure you have plenty of options for staying connected to your peers while also improving your health and wellness.

The Right Level of Care, Right When You Need It
Life Plan Communities by definition must offer varying levels of healthcare services, from independent living options to assisted living and memory care services. What this means for you is that no matter what type of care you may need in the future, as a resident of a Life Plan Community you’ll have priority access to these services. The entrance fees at Life Plan Community assure admission to the entire continuum of care offered.

Expect the best while living your best life. To learn more about our vibrant Life Plan Communities in New Jersey and Delaware, please contact us today.

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