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What is a full-service retirement community?

A full-service retirement community offers the privacy of your own residence, the companionship of community life, convenient services and amenities, a full calendar of activities and the freedom to live to your potential. A special benefit is the guarantee of on-site health services, which can include skilled nursing care, a wellness clinic, assisted living residences, physical therapy and more.

How does full-service retirement living differ from other senior living options like an active adult or assisted living?

Active adult communities are geared for the youngest seniors, offering single-family homes or condominiums plus community amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, and perhaps a golf course. While the groundskeeping and general maintenance (lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.) are taken care of, residents are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their own homes and driveways. Full-service senior living communities offer a unique mix of housing, hospitality, social opportunity and healthcare if needed, all in one campus-like location. Residents live independently in private apartments or freestanding homes. At the same time, they benefit from a range of services and amenities that make life easier, such as restaurant-style meals and weekly housekeeping. A professional staff takes care of all interior and exterior maintenance. Assisted living is ideal for those who require a helping hand with activities of daily living or household tasks but do not need ‘round the clock medical care. Full-service retirement communities have assisted living or personal care services on-site as part of their care spectrum.

How will life at a Springpoint Senior Living community differ from living in my present home?

When you make your home at a Springpoint community, you will live each day just as you wish, spending time with friends, family, hobbies, vacations and more. The difference is you will not have household chores and responsibilities to weigh you down or take up your time. You will feel more relaxed and more secure. We will provide housekeeping, dining, full maintenance inside and out, groundskeeping and more. The chores and responsibilities will be ours. The choices and freedom will be yours.

Will I be able to custom-decorate and personalize my residence to reflect my own tastes?

You may furnish and decorate your residence as you like. Your move-in coordinator will assist you in carpet selection, wallpaper or paint choices, and any modifications you might wish to make, such as additional shelving. Additional amenities will be available for a fee.

Can I have overnight guests?

Your new home is yours to enjoy. Your guests—children, grandchildren, friends, and relatives—will always be welcome to visit. They will be able to have meals with you in the dining room for a minimal charge and share in the enjoyment of your new community. Guest apartments are also available for your overnight visitors, for a nominal fee, for up to two weeks.

How will I know which residence to select?

You’ll choose from a variety of one- and two-bedroom floor plans and some Springpoint Senior Living communities also offer two-bedroom cottage homes. The staff in each community is dedicated to helping you select the home that best meets your needs. We’ll provide you with our current rate schedule, individual floor plans and site plan in a complete information kit.

I’m interested. What is the next step?

The best way to learn about our communities is to experience them firsthand and meet our residents. Come to one of our events or contact the communities that pique your interest. Schedule a personal visit, share our hospitality and get answers to your questions. There’s never any pressure or obligations.

What are the costs?

You will pay a one-time entrance fee, based on the size of the residence and single or double occupancy. You may choose either of two entrance fee options (traditional or 90% refundable) to give you the freedom to develop a retirement plan that is financially beneficial to you and your family. The principal may be returned to you in accordance with the terms of the Residence and Care Agreement.

Along with the entrance fee, there will be a monthly service fee, which will cover a multitude of unique conveniences and services that would cost much more if you were to purchase them separately.

How do I know I can afford it?

Considering all that Springpoint communities offer, it isn’t surprising that people sometimes wonder if they can afford it. You should know that Springpoint sales counselors work with each prospective resident. We want to make sure you are not just financially qualified but financially comfortable for the rest of your life.

Each Springpoint community offers a menu of pricing and healthcare options to ensure that you will find a contract type that fits your financial plan. These include tradition and refundable options as well as Lifecare. Lifecare is our most comprehensive plan, with access to all services and amenities plus the assurance of knowing that healthcare needs have been planned for in advance. With Lifecare, our complete offering of high-quality health services — from skilled nursing to rehabilitation — is available as part of your monthly service fee.

In what ways does the Springpoint Senior Living Foundation benefit residents?

The Springpoint Senior Living Foundation enhances resident life in a variety of ways, such as by bringing educational and cultural offerings to residents where they live. The Springpoint Senior Living Foundation also acts as a resource for senior-specific information, through newsletters, web pages and more. The Springpoint Senior Living Foundation can also support residents who have outlived their resources. People who have prudently spent their assets and signed a residence and care agreement in one of our full-service retirement communities may be eligible for financial assistance.

What is the advantage of choosing a Springpoint Senior Living community?

Springpoint is New Jersey’s leading senior care organization, with 24 communities throughout New Jersey and a nearly 100-year history of experience and success. What this means for residents is a financially strong, stable organization with a healthy future.

Why is CARF-CCAC accreditation important?

For the best quality and care, it is important to look for communities with accreditation from CARF-CCAC, an independent, national organization. The CARF-CCAC review process emphasizes financial health, resident life, long-range planning and other markers of quality and stability. CARF-CCAC accreditation is an elite distinction held by only 12 percent of senior living communities nationwide. Seven of our retirement communities are CARF accredited and our newest community, The Moorings at Lewes, is in the process of gaining CARF accreditation.

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