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What is Assisted Living?

Happy senior woman enjoying life in an assisted living community

Assisted living is a senior housing option in which residents receive assistance with activities of daily life in a comfortable, private apartment. When individuals need help with tasks like bathing, dressing or medication management, yet do not generally need the high level of care provided by a skilled nursing center, assisted living communities are often the perfect option. Residents are encouraged to maintain the highest level of independence possible, as they receive the right level care that allows them to thrive.

A Few Facts about Assisted Living Communities

According to McKnight’s Senior Living, in 2010 senior housing occupancy was at almost 87 percent. Since then, almost 50,000 housing units, representing a 10 percent increase in inventory, have been built. And the majority of these new senior housing options are assisted living communities.

Today, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) report that there are over 30,000 assisted living communities with one million licensed beds in the United States. The average number of licensed beds within these communities is 33, but the largest facilities can have upwards of 100 beds, while the smallest have as little as four to ten.

The NCAL also reports there are more than 835,000 Americans currently residing in assisted living communities. According to the demographics, the majority of these residents are white females age 85 or older. In fact, 70 percent of residents at assisted living communities are female. It’s estimated that an assisted living resident’s average length of stay is usually around 22 months, after which he or she will move to a nursing facility for a higher level of care.

Assisted Living Services that Boost Independence

What kind of life do residents in assisted living communities lead? The same type of lifestyle those in independent living communities enjoy! Many assisted living residents report a boost in their independence after moving to the community. This is due to the fact that they receive just the right level of care and assistance with daily tasks, right when they need it.

If you’re starting to notice your loved one is struggling to keep their home clean and tidy, that they appear disheveled or have lost or gained weight recently, or that they are relying on you to drive them to appointments and help with other daily tasks, these are all signs that their lives could improve by moving to an assisted living community.

Making the decision to help an aging loved one move out of a longtime home might not be an easy one, but the services and amenities provided will allow for a more fulfilling life. Assisted living communities offer 24-hour care, along with access to wellness programs, daily meals, housekeeping services and life-enriching social activities, all designed to allow for the best quality of life.

Compassionate Assisted Living and Personal Care from Springpoint Senior Living

Find assisted living near you in New Jersey and Delaware from our Springpoint family of senior living communities. Our warm, welcoming assisted living neighborhoods blend the right level of care and support with unique amenities to ensure your loved one enjoys the highest quality of life. Some of our Life Plan communities also offer personal care services delivered right to your loved one’s apartment.

Find an assisted living community near you today. Or, contact us today to learn more.

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