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Springpoint’s Innovative Wellness Initiative Brings LivWell Program to Several Affordable Housing Communities

Affordable Housing communities include The Gables at West Windsor, Hidden Brook at Franklin, Watchung Terrace at Middlesex, and Wheaton Pointe at East Windsor.

Springpoint offers an array of programs that benefit and enhance the lives of our residents through programs that stimulate the intellect, body, and spirit. LivWell is Springpoint’s marquee whole-person wellness program that engages each person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. Since inception, the LivWell program has only been available to Springpoint Life Plan community residents. Now, because of a new initiative with a new partner, it has been extended to residents who live in four Springpoint Affordable Housing communities, concentrated in Mercer County, Middlesex County, and Somerset County, NJ.

In 2021, Springpoint partnered with senior living provider, Parker Health Group, Inc. to create the Springpoint/Parker LivWell Initiative in Affordable Housing. This new initiative, endowed by both organizations, is being offered at The Gables, Hidden Brook, Watchung Terrace, and Wheaton Pointe Affordable Housing communities. Residents who participate in this program have access to LivWell programming geared towards keeping them healthy, motivated, and focused on living their best life. Springpoint hopes to expand the program to all 19 Affordable Housing communities.

When a resident signs up for the LivWell program, they go through an in-depth initial assessment which includes a Lifestyle Questionnaire, a Healthy History questionnaire, and a senior fitness test. Using data from this assessment, LivWell staff members then deliver evidenced-based programming that will engage the individual and improve health and wellness outcomes. This includes exercise programs, brain health classes, and additional health education. Participating residents are then reassessed at the six month and one year mark to track changes to their balance, strength, and agility. The information from the assessments will also help to establish program needs for the future.

Affordable Housing residents enrolled in the program receive a tablet from the Parker Health Group. LivWell Program Manager, Amanda Oberg preloads each tablet with an app that she specifically designed for the LivWell program. The app gives residents access to LivWell information and program features that will enhance their experience. “This app has everything they would need regarding information about the building, staff, calendar, along with exercise videos, guided meditation, recipes, resident education, and brain games,” said Oberg. Merging the LivWell program and technology enables residents to access the different benefits and features of the program and gives them the freedom to use it at any time.


LivWell Across America, Active Aging Week in October, Healthy Through the Holidays, Older American Month in March, and The Longest Day in June are some of the special LivWell programs now offered in the participating Affordable Housing communities. Each of the programs engage and enhance the resident’s physical, intellectual, and social experiences.

The LivWell program is an asset to residents and Springpoint is excited for the opportunity to begin expanding the program into more Affordable Housing communities as they are able to raise funding. This is another example of Springpoint’s commitment to offer exceptional services and innovative programs that enrich and inspire those we serve by creating exceptional experiences.

More about Springpoint’s LivWell program

Springpoint’s award-winning senior wellness program—LivWell—goes far beyond conventional senior living activities. LivWell focuses on whole-person wellness, catering to each of seven dimensions of wellness with a deep understanding of our physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and vocational needs. For more information, please visit the LivWell website.



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