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5 Reasons to Become a Senior Volunteer

Become a Senior Volunteer

Retirement opens doors in multiple ways. One of those ways is through newfound free time. Prior to retirement, you might’ve spent the majority of your days working. Now you find yourself looking for ways to have fun and give back.  

Becoming a senior volunteer is a perfect way to stay involved, and give back to your local community. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you will feel from making a difference in someone’s life is well worth the time and energy. Plus, you probably have numerous skills, knowledge and experiences you can use in your volunteering role.  

Benefits of Volunteering for Seniors

If you’re considering senior volunteer opportunities but still aren’t sure, take a few minutes to think about how you could benefit from volunteering. 

Social Opportunities
Studies have shown that seniors who volunteer are more socially active in their communities than people who don’t. It’s not uncommon for seniors to feel isolated from others after they retire, but senior volunteer opportunities gives them the ability to be around others with similar interests, skills, and knowledge. Depending on how you choose to volunteer, you could make new friends while making a difference – two benefits in one!  

Higher Job Satisfaction
Did you know that seniors who volunteer are usually more satisfied than their paid counterparts? This is because volunteering means choosing to commit to a project, initiative, or organization in a role that’s right for you. Not everyone gets that choice when it comes to a paid job. Choosing to volunteer is a choice you can make based on your own interests and goals – not what’s required to pay the bills. This means you can choose something you find meaningful and enjoyable. 

Variety of Opportunities
Senior volunteer opportunities are seemingly endless – and growing more and more each day. And now that the Internet can be used as a research tool, hundreds of opportunities are literally right at your fingertips. Do a quick Google search for senior volunteer opportunities near you, or browse volunteer websites like or These are just two examples of the many resources out there.  

A Sharper Mind
Using your existing skills and knowledge plus learning new ones while volunteering is a great way to strengthen and sharpen your mind as you age. Plus, interacting with others requires thinking, which improves cognitive function and memory skills.  

Start Your Senior Volunteer Life

One of the best parts of retirement is the ability to fill your days however you wish. For healthy aging, we encourage you to be productive and active – say “yes” to new opportunities, including volunteering. You can be picky with where, when, and how much you volunteer – that’s part of the beauty of it – but know that you are making an impact in the world that’s greater than yourself. You’re not doing it for a paycheck or even your own benefit, but fortunately there are many benefits that come to you through volunteering. 

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