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Embrace Your Natural Surroundings: Positive Effects of Nature

Senior man enjoying outdoors.

The crunching of leaves under your feet, colors changing with the season. Sounds of nature permeating the air, from birds singing to wind shaking tree branches. There’s something about the outdoors that just feels right – an undeniable, natural connection waiting to be explored. And, embracing this relationship encourages good health.

As part of our holistic wellness program, LivWell, Springpoint recognizes and encourages your environmental wellness. We understand that connecting to our environment helps people lead happier, healthier lives.

Connecting Nature and Wellness

Enjoying a relationship with nature has an overall positive impact on wellbeing.

Relishing in the natural world around you is good for the body. The positive impact of nature includes a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced stress, according to ScienceDaily. Plus, being outdoors generally entails some sort of physical activity. Whether it be playing a game like shuffleboard or enjoying an afternoon stroll, actively moving your body is beneficial to your physical health.

Connecting with and enhancing the environment also gives us a sense of purpose. Engaging in activities like gardening or recycling allows for comfortable surroundings and provides a sense of pride, while also preserving and protecting our world.

Spending time in nature also greatly influences mental health. Your mind is sharper and creativity flourishes. Concentration improves, and short-term memory becomes more reliable. Generally speaking, spending time in nature boosts brain health and cognitive function.

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Spending time outdoors results in a soothing, calming and rejuvenating effect on people, allowing for a natural meditation used to combat anxiety.

Perhaps the most profound benefit of taking the time to be in nature is the ability to connect with others in the community. From outdoor events and activities to simply taking a walk with a friend, there are numerous opportunities for you and a neighbor to delight in the sun and become even closer.

Experience the Benefits of Nature for Seniors at a Springpoint Community

Each Springpoint community has unique grounds for you to delight in.

  • The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is a waterfront community, allowing for gorgeous views of the harbor.
  • Sit on our patio at Crestwood Manor with friends overlooking our charming campus.
  • The campus of Meadow Lakes is located on a stunning, 103-acre, accredited arboretum.
  • Monroe Village boasts a community garden filled with resident-grown flowers and vegetables.
  • Only a short ride to the Delaware beaches, The Moorings at Lewes offers a seaside retirement lifestyle.
  • Surrounded by the charming city of Denville, The Oaks at Denville is near a number of outdoor activities hosted by the community.
  • Stonebridge at Montgomery features greenspace and walking trails for you to venture outside for a stroll.
  • Delight in the landscaping at Winchester Gardens, designed by the Olmstead Brothers, sons of the famed landscape artist responsible for Central Park.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour at one of our Life Plan communities.

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