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Best Moving Tips for Seniors

Happy senior couple packing their belongings to move to a new home.

Making the Move: How to “Right-Size” Your Living Arrangements

You’ve made up your mind; it’s the right time to move. Frank and Millie Rieder made that very choice by deciding to move to Crestwood Manor, a Springpoint Senior Living Community where they quickly found that, “Although it’s hard to give up your home, once you do, you realize you don’t need it.” The idea of tapering down belongings and managing a smaller space that requires less maintenance is an exciting one. Now that you’ve decided to make your move, though, it’s time to solve the logistics of getting there.

Springpoint Senior Living offers the Move Ahead program, which is designed to make the moving process easier and less stressful. This program includes services to simplify your move, from selling your house to finding the right place in your new home for your belongings. Trust us – the experience we have in ensuring a smooth transition has made us experts in this area. Here are a few pieces of advice we’ve learned over the years:

Moving Tips and Tricks from Springpoint

  1. Downsize Your Belongings – This can be a difficult process but is incredibly necessary as you move into your new community. Although memories are often connected to the things we own, many things in storage may not have seen the light of day in years. Downsizing is your time to ask the question, “What is most important to me?” Once you decide on items that are making the move, you’re able to surround yourself with the things that carry the most meaning. Research locations where you’re able to either donate or discard those unwanted belongings.
  2. Pack with Intent– Go room to room while packing your belongings and tackle small jobs first. Clearly label the contents of each box and be sure to designate an “Open First” box with items you’ll need the night of your move. Although these are small actions to take, they’ll help immensely when it comes to organization and making your move manageable.
  3. Ask for Help – Through the Move Ahead program, we’re able to connect you to people who can help. Whether it be a realtor offering strategies to maximize your home’s value or a downsizer who can organize the floor plan in your new home, we can connect you with helpful resources. Our Move-In Coordinators will walk you through the process step-by-step, so you’ll feel supported through your transition.
  4. Embrace the Experience – More than anything, have fun when making your move. This is an opportunity to move to a community where you’ll have the time and resources available to live your best life. So don’t get caught up in the small details, make friends with your neighbors and delight in your new living space.

Make Your Move With Springpoint Senior Living

Being mindful of your evolving needs allows you to find the home that’s the right fit for you. Choosing Springpoint Senior Living means maintenance-free, active living in a home suited for your needs. Why don’t you come see for yourself? Contact us today to schedule a tour of one of our communities.

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