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Keeping the Brain Healthy

Senior woman working on a puzzle.

Take Care of Your Brain: June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Worldwide, 50 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, giving us the opportunity to raise awareness and maintain the global conversation about the importance of brain health. At Springpoint, we look at the holistic wellness of a person, and this includes brain health. Along with raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, we encourage you to take part in supporting your own brain health and cognitive function. This post explores just a few things you can do at a Springpoint Senior Living community to encourage a healthy and stimulated mind.

Keeping the Brain Healthy By…

  1. Participating in Engaging Activities – Continuing education and various engaging hobbies result in an active and stimulated mind. Each of our communities feature guest lectures on a variety of topics, whether it be healthy lifestyle techniques or the Revolutionary War. You also have access to our community libraries, education hubs filled with newspapers and books waiting for you to dive into. Or, simply participate in brain-stimulating hobbies with neighbors, like puzzles and card games. Healthy brain activities are ample in our communities.
  2. Eating Foods for Your Brain Health – Our brain functions best when we choose a balanced diet, leading to proper brain development, improved memory and protection from brain damage. With wellness engrained in everything offered at Springpoint communities, dining is no exception. Not only do our menus feature nutrients that fuel your brain – you’ll also enjoy how good healthy food can taste. Our chefs add a special flair to every meal, resulting in a delicious, nutritious dining experience.
  3. Exercising Your Body to Exercise Your Mind – Harvard Medical School found that regular physical exercise, “Helps maintain healthy blood pressure and weight, improves energy, lifts mood, lowers stress and anxiety, and keeps the heart healthy, all of which contribute to brain health.” Not only are you doing your body some good, but your mind as well. With LivWell, our holistic wellness program, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in physical activity with a variety of classes and a fitness center at each of our communities. You’re sure to find an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle and satisfies your needs.
  4. Making Meaningful Connections with Others – At Springpoint, we thrive on community living. Connecting with your community is beneficial to your health in so many ways, including an increase in mental stimulation. In fact, studies show that positive relationships can help protect against memory loss. Fred and Ruth Roessle, residents at Winchester Gardens, a Springpoint Life Plan community, appreciate the people they have met and share, “We are fortunate to have made wonderful friends and stand in awe at their remarkable lives and accomplishments. We also consider our staff as part of our family and are grateful for their capable and friendly presence here.”

Learn How to Improve Brain Health with Springpoint Senior Living

At Springpoint Senior Living, we focus on helping you live the happiest, healthiest life you possibly can – and that includes ensuring a healthy mind. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour at one of our communities.

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