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Benefits of Being a Grandparent

A teenage girl with grandmother.

Treasured Time with Loved Ones: Being a Grandparent

Watching a high school or college graduation. Reminiscing on your own childhood by telling stories to the younger generation, like where your favorite place was to hang out with your friends and grab a snack as a teenager. Spending time simply taking a walk outside or enjoying a meal together. These are just a few of the happy moments that you’re lucky enough to experience as a grandparent.

Not only do you enjoy and savor the sweet moments spent with your grandchildren, but you also experience many health benefits by engaging in your role as a grandparent. At Springpoint Senior Living, our holistic wellness program, LivWell, caters to all seven dimensions of wellness – including social wellness. Part of achieving social wellness means ensuring familial relationships are a strong backbone in your life.

Benefits of Being a Grandparent

There is a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The time you spend together strengthens socialization skills and allows you the necessary time to connect with others. And, unconditional love between you and your grandchildren increases happiness and offers a sense of purpose.

The closeness between grandparents and grandchildren also positively influences mental health. A 2016 study from Boston University explored the impact of contact between grandparents and grandchildren on depressive symptoms. The study found that when these strong relationships are encouraged and nourished, both parties were afflicted by fewer symptoms of depression.

In addition to mental health, spending time with your grandchildren also benefits brain health and mental stimulation. Daily communication with others makes for an active mind, and you can also strengthen your memory skills and cognitive function by telling stories of your own life growing up. Close relationships with a loving family keep your brain strong.

Living near your loved young ones not only benefits your health but your grandchildren’s as well. Having a support system in place is vital to a healthy upbringing and enhances children’s emotional health. It’s an advantage for children to have someone who is always on their side and there for comfort and understanding.

Learn How Springpoint Senior Living Encourages a Healthy Relationship Between Grandchildren and Grandparents

At Springpoint Senior Living, we embrace and encourage a healthy relationship between family members. From formal holiday parties to a quick stop to say hello, we want your family to be involved in the community and welcome children to visit at any time. Richard and Jean Woolley, residents of Springpoint Senior Living community, The Moorings at Lewes, find pleasure in the fact that their family also feels involved in their life at The Moorings. “They really like the community too,” Richard and Jean share. “They enjoy visiting.”

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