Annual and Financial Reports

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These reports can help you and your advisors take a closer look at the investment you’re making in your future. They give you a perspective on our organization’s financial strength and culture. Being diligent stewards of your trust is the main point.


2019 annual report coverEndless Opportunities

We are proud to highlight notable successes in our 2019 Annual Report and share ways our residents, employees, and volunteers come together to enrich and inspire those we serve by creating exceptional experiences every day.

2019 Springpoint Annual Report

2019 Springpoint Consolidated Final Audit






Engage | Enrich | Serve

Our 2018 Annual Report highlights a year of significant achievements and exciting accomplishments. With much to be thankful for and look forward to, our guiding values and unwavering commitment to excellence will enable us to embrace the many ways in which we can engage, enrich, and serve others.

2018 Springpoint Annual Report

2018 Springpoint 990 Parent

2018 Springpoint 990 Group



2017 Springpoint Annual ReportGrow | Expand | Transform
Our 2017 Annual Report highlights a year of growth and remarkable accomplishments. We are committed to a bold and promising three-year comprehensive strategic plan. With a resolute promise to our residents, our strategic roadmap will allow us to reach new heights and assuredly take us from great to exceptional.

2017 Springpoint Annual Report

2017 Springpoint Consolidated Final Audit

2017 Springpoint 990 Parent

2017 Springpoint 990 Group


2016 SPT Annual ReportExpansion | Transformation | Growth
In 2016, Springpoint Senior Living celebrated 100 years of service, honoring our rich heritage and paying tribute to our many milestones and achievements. We are proud to report notable successes in our 2016 Annual Report and anticipate great growth for the future of Springpoint.

2016 Springpoint Annual Report

2016 Springpoint Consolidated Final Audit

2016 Springpoint 990 Parent

2016 Springpoint 990 Group



2015 SPT Annual ReportImproving and Investing
Our 2015 Annual Report highlights a year of key accomplishments and a time of great growth and development. Continuing to improve and invest in our communities, we’ve started building our new landscape of healthcare to serve older adults for the next 100 years.

2015 Springpoint Annual Report

2015 Springpoint Consolidated Final Audit

2015 Springpoint 990 Parent

2015 Springpoint 990 Group



SPT 2014 Annual ReportChanging How We Deliver Healthcare
While 2014 was a year of great achievements, the past year was also a significant period of transformation for Springpoint during which we began the process of redefining how we deliver healthcare. This exciting transformation included a number of important changes that will enable us to improve our competitive position and increase the value we bring to our residents and the markets we serve.

2014 Springpoint Annual Report

2014 Springpoint Consolidated Financial Statements

2014 Springpoint Group 990 Parent

2014 Springpoint Group 990 Group

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