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Dining Options for Every Palate

A group of seniors toast a meal.

“What do I want to eat today?” is a question you ask yourself throughout life, from childhood well into adulthood. You spend a considerable amount of time and energy on mealtime, from preparation to delighting in your creation. The need for quality, enjoyable meals continues throughout life and, as Senior Housing News found, the dining experience offered by a Life Plan community (CCRC) is one of the most anticipated features for those enjoying retirement.

At Springpoint, dining isn’t just something that we offer in our communities – it’s an experience. We carefully craft meals that are as delicious and visually appealing as they are nutritious. We guarantee you’ll always find something to delight your palate. And, with our maintenance-free lifestyle, you don’t even need to worry about cleanup.

Delicious, Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Our senior living communities offer delectable, nutritious meals daily. The skilled chefs ensure each masterfully prepared dish is fortified with vitamins, nutrients and flavors to satisfy both your dietary requirements and discerning tastes. Seasonally inspired menus offer you numerous choices. And, our dining staff is happy to attend to your needs, taking care of both the preparation of your meals and clearing the plates.

A great benefit to having an onsite dining staff at each community is the ability to offer personalized nutrition for seniors. Those with dietary concerns are able to pick and choose the menu selection they would like and make note of necessary modifications. Whether it be gluten-free, low sodium or anything else, the chefs make sure to note special orders ahead of time, so we’re able to serve you properly with no interruptions in your dining experience.

One of the greatest perks to dining in Springpoint communities? The choice is yours. For the restaurant-style experience, residents have the option to choose from a menu of always available items along with a rotating menu of fresh, seasonal meals. Casual dining experiences like community bistros are a quick grab-and-go option for those who wish for lighter fare. And, for the aspiring chef, our apartments and cottages offer a full kitchen, leaving you to decide what’s on the menu for the night.

Our residents love the freedom and choice they have when it comes to dining options. Lucy Pietrofesa, a resident at Springpoint community Monroe Village, shares, “Mealtimes here are nice because the food is good, and you meet a lot of people. At the same time, I like to cook in my apartment and go out to eat with friends. The meal plans are flexible so it’s perfect for someone like me.”

Enjoy the Senior Living Dining Selections at Springpoint

No matter your experience in one of our communities – whether it be fine dining in a stunning restaurant-style setting or grabbing a quick bite from a bistro – you’ll be sure to find a delicious, nutritious menu with food that will delight your palate. Come see for yourself. Join us at one of our Life Plan communities and stay for a meal, on us. Contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

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