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The Importance of Spiritual Wellness

A group of seniors praying.

Spirituality is a deeply personal matter, something that is not a one-size-fits-all process. While achieving spiritual wellness means something different to each individual, it generally involves finding a connection to something bigger than oneself and a deep investigation into one’s personal meaning. There is a goal to find a clear purpose in life and act in accordance with that motive.

At Springpoint, our holistic wellness program touches on all seven dimensions of wellness – including spiritual wellness. We believe that finding your purpose and exploring your values not only allows you to get through difficult moments in your life, but helps you achieve the best version of “you” that you can be.

Get in Touch With and Connect to Your Inner Being

There are a variety of things you can do to embrace your spiritual wellness. A few examples include:

  • Immersing Yourself in Meditation or Prayer – Whether or not you believe in a higher being, prayer and meditation allows you time to reflect. If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest you check out guided meditations provided by UCLA Health to begin with. Taking 10 minutes a day, or longer if you’d like, to meditate or pray will nurture your mind and create a stronger relationship with your spiritual wellness.
  • Volunteering Your Talents – Volunteering your time to something you believe in gives you a greater sense of purpose. Whether it be offering donations or mentoring, you’re sure to find a way to share your passions with others.
  • Examining Your Inner Values –What is my purpose? What do I value most? Am I using these values to influence my thoughts and decisions? Ask yourself questions about who you are and your meaning in life. When reflecting upon the values that are most important to us, we are enhancing our spiritual wellness greatly.

Discover Spiritual Wellness Activities at Springpoint

At Springpoint, we encourage spiritual wellness through a variety of offerings. Springpoint Foundation’s Spiritual Care Program available at each of our Life plan Communities offers emotional and spiritual support to residents under the guidance of chaplains. Since no person’s spiritually is the same, our chaplain offers not only traditional religious ceremonies and services, but non-denominational discussion groups, learning opportunities, devotions, meditation and more. Crestwood Manor resident Emory Turnure appreciates how approachable the chaplain is and shares, “I support the Spiritual Care Program because I think it is essential to have someone available in the community who everyone can talk to.”

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour to see the community for yourself.

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