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Why Independent Living Is Perfect for Gen X

A senior man and a senior woman have a romantic spin in the kitchen

By 2028, there will be more Gen Xers than baby boomers, and over the next decade, the oldest Gen Xers will begin paving the way toward retirement for a new generation. Given the experience many members of the “sandwich generation” have with senior living and caring for their own parents, Gen Xers may have a different mindset about retirement than their boomer parents did—and be more enthusiastic about embracing their retirement lifestyle.

With retirement on the horizon, it appears many Gen Xers are indeed eager to enter a new stage of life. According to research by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 70% of Gen X workers are looking forward to retirement, and the majority hold overwhelmingly more positive sentiments than negative. “Freedom,” “enjoyment,” and “stress-free” are all positive terms Gen X workers associate with retirement. Interestingly, those are many of the same ways our Springpoint residents describe their reasons for choosing independent living.


Time for Travel

Travel is a leading priority for Gen Xers in retirement, whether for spending quality time with family and loved ones, taking a break from everyday routines, or enjoying some good old-fashioned R&R. When travel is a priority, your plans to be on the road may influence where you live just as much as your plans for how you’ll spend your time at home. Independent living senior apartments offer a lock-and-leave lifestyle that can be attractive to avid travelers, since the communities tend to offer strong security, along with maintenance-free living so you don’t have to worry about letting the yard work slide while you’re away.


Pursuing Hobbies

After travel and time with loved ones, hobbies rank high among Gen Xers’ retirement plans. Independent living makes it easy to pursue hobbies—including new activities you’ve always wanted to explore but didn’t have the time or resources at your disposal. At Springpoint communities, you’ll find an array of enriching amenities that encourage hobbies of all kinds, like woodworking and art studios, fitness centers, gardening groups, and more. Residents also enjoy volunteering for local causes, and we’re always open to creating new programs that match residents’ interests, like the butterfly gardens at The Moorings at Lewes.


Affordable Health Care

Finances and health care are leading retirement fears for many Gen Xers, which most experts agree is little surprise given the economy’s highs and lows during the past several decades—this generation’s prime earning years. In fact, affordability tops criteria for choosing where to live, and access to health care ranks in the top five. 

Moving into an independent living apartment in a Life Plan Community early in your retirement can be a  practical solution. You’ll enjoy predictable monthly payments that cover all your basic living expenses, including utilities, services like dining and housekeeping, and a wide range of activities and amenities; and you’ll have access to the level of health care you need when you need it. Depending on the contract you choose, even if you move to higher levels of care, there may be little to no increase in monthly fees over what you pay in your independent living residence.  

Social Engagement

Money worries and medical concerns aside, isolation and boredom are common worries for Gen X workers approaching retirement. Within an independent living community, you’ll have numerous ways to overcome any sense of isolation. Making friends isn’t as easy in your older years as in your youth, but when you attend a class or join in a group outing, you’re sure to find neighbors who share your interests. That’s a terrific foundation for a new friendship. Robust activity schedules and access to wellness initiatives like Springpoint’s award-winning LivWell program ensure you can enjoy a meaningful, engaged, and fulfilling retirement.


Make Independence the Focus of Your Retirement

Not all senior living communities are created equal. For example, 55+ communities may offer enhanced security and address worries about socializing by providing a neighborhood filled with like-minded peers, but they may stop short of helping with your healthcare needs now and in the future.

Our independent living communities across New Jersey and Delaware offer Gen Xers entering retirement a desirable lifestyle now, along with security for the future. Get in touch to learn more about how our independent living communities may be the answer to your retirement dreams. 


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