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5 Benefits of Assisted Living

Senior and her daughter enjoying the benefits of assisted living

Change is never easy at any age. As we grow older, however, change is inevitable. We often face escalating health issues, a decrease in mobility, or even memory troubles, making living independently a challenge. Maybe you’ve found yourself helping out an aging parent more often these days and are starting to wonder if he or she would be safer and healthier in a different setting, such as an assisted living community.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is defined as a long-term care option that provides a comfortable residence along with personal care services like bathing and dressing, as well as support with health needs. Some of the services your loved one can expect in an assisted living community include:

  • Regular assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) – eating, bathing dressing, grooming, medication management and more
  • Scheduled transportation to off-campus events and appointments
  • Social activities
  • Wellness programs
  • Basic housekeeping and linen service
  • Daily meals
  • Access to professional medical care as needed

Recent studies show that up to 70 percent of adults age 65 and older will need some type of long-term care in the future, and assisted living continues to be one of the fastest-growing options in senior housing. In many cases, these communities not only improve quality of life for the resident, but for the family members who may have been involved in providing their care.

Assisted Living Communities: Helping Residents Thrive

A common fear many older adults have about moving to an assisted living community is that their independence will be compromised. They may think they’ll be confined to their apartments or forced to join in on activities that don’t interest them. However, many new residents report a boost in their health following the move. The supportive services they receive on a daily basis actually allow them to do more things on their own, leading to more independence than that they’d had while living alone in their homes.

Here are five key benefits assisted living communities provide to residents:

  1. 24/7 assistance and personal care. Of course, likely the most important benefits of moving to an assisted living community is the regular assistance with daily activities such as medication management, dressing, eating and more your loved one will receive. This higher level of assistance not only helps your loved one stay healthy, but ensures they are never held back from enjoying all that life has to offer.
  2. A maintenance-free lifestyle. Properly maintaining an entire home becomes difficult as we age. In an assisted living community, your loved one will enjoy easy, maintenance-free living in a setting built with their individual needs in mind. This safe setting is also key in reducing the risk of a potentially devastating fall, with wider hallways, grab bars in the bathrooms, and emergency help available immediately should an accident occur.
  3. Options to stay active and healthy. Most assisted living communities offer on-site fitness centers or weekly classes designed to keep residents as active as possible. Your loved one will enjoy a variety of options to choose from, like chair yoga, swimming and water aerobics, and more to help keep them physically fit and in the best shape they can be.
  4. Plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Living alone can make it difficult for your loved one to remain social, and maintaining social connections is one of the of the keys to healthy aging. In fact, staying socially active actually can extend your life expectancy! One of the most important benefits assisted living communities offer include providing ample opportunities for residents to stay socially involved with others, no matter their age or ability.
  5. Nutritious meals served daily. Assisted living communities ensure every senior, regardless of any special dietary restrictions, has access to wholesome, nutritional meals on a regular basis. This is another important key to healthy aging, as many seniors, particularly those living alone, neglect to cook for themselves.

Compassionate Assisted Living and Personal Care from Springpoint Senior Living

Find assisted living near you in New Jersey and Delaware from the Springpoint family of senior living communities. Our warm, welcoming assisted living neighborhoods blend the right level of care and support with unique amenities to ensure your loved one enjoys the highest quality of life. Some of our CCRCs also offer personal care services delivered right to your loved one’s apartment.

Find an assisted living community near you today. Or, contact us today to learn more.

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