Safeguarding Your Security

We plan for your future, no matter what it may bring

Disaster Preparedness
In the midst of disaster, Springpoint Senior Living team members have shown their dedication and commitment. When it comes to your security, Springpoint has a detailed action plan in place. Protecting your comfort and safety is a job that calls for continuous improvement, to give you the feeling of confidence you deserve.

Emergency Power
After Superstorm Sandy, we reviewed each community’s emergency power capabilities and engaged an electrical engineering firm to assist us in identifying solutions, such as installing onsite generators and making advanced arrangements for fuel supplies and backup generators. By increasing on-site power and using rental power capabilities, we enhance our ability to provide full power during storms and other extended power outages. We constantly look for ways to improve the reliability of our systems.

Emergency Communications
Springpoint maintains an emergency communications system for all its communities. It lets us communicate with our staff members, residents and families in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation. We are able to provide updated information in three ways:

  • Broadcast voice mail to land lines and cell phones
  • Text messages to text-enabled cell phones
  • Email messages

Emergency Policies and Procedures
To be ever-better prepared for the unexpected, we share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. Each community benefits from the ideas of the entire Springpoint network.

Security for a safe, healthy future: just one more way you can expect the best from Springpoint Senior Living. Find a continuing care retirement community near you today.

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