New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

It’s the beginning of a new year – and that means resolutions are top of mind. This is your time to reflect and think of ways you wish to improve yourself and your life. As you’re sitting down and making your list of things you believe will make you happier and healthier, here are a few ideas of New Year’s resolutions we’ve thought of here at Springpoint.

5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Explore Volunteer Opportunities: Giving a part of ourselves to others encourages personal happiness and strengthens wellbeing. So, the next time you’re feeling down or desire a sense of purpose, you’re able to help yourself by helping others. Whether it be donating time and talents playing your favorite instrument or sending a monthly contribution to your favorite charity, you’re able to find a way that works for you to give back.

Establish a Fitness Routine: An improvement to your physical fitness through exercise is a common resolution. This doesn’t have to be a lofty goal – it can be as simple as purchasing a pedometer and setting a goal of reaching a certain number of steps per day. Whatever it takes to enhance your physical wellness, make a point to incorporate these efforts into your normal routine.

Consider Healthier Dessert Options: We’re not saying to give up dessert entirely – but consuming too much sugar can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and other chronic issues. Rather than grabbing a cookie or ice cream every night, consider fruit or dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet craving.

Get Enough Sleep: Restful sleep is essential to your wellbeing, no matter your age. Contrary to popular opinion, seniors don’t need less sleep than the average person – in fact, all adults need about seven to nine hours a night. Making sleep a priority in the new year will help contribute to your overall wellness.

Revisit an Old Hobby: Have you had to put a hobby on the backburner because other tasks needed to be prioritized? Now that you’re enjoying your retirement years with newfound time to dedicate to your favorite activities, we encourage you to revisit an old hobby. Whether it be photography or playing an instrument, put aside time every week to explore your passions.

Keep Your Resolutions with Springpoint

At Springpoint, we want you to thrive and live the best life you possibly can. With all-inclusive, maintenance-free living offered at each of our eight continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), there’s no need to worry about the little things – they’re all taken care of for you! You’re left with plenty of extra time to do the things you love the most and accomplish your goals.

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